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Worst Weather for Roofs

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The worst weather for roofs from Matlock Construction & Roofing. Change in weather is always unpredictable, and your roof makes sure to keep you warm and cozy during these changes. Though high-quality roofing materials withstand the weather conditions after a heavy rainfall or worse storms, you may need to inspect your roof’s condition. You should be aware of the damages that the worst weather for roofs can cause.


How do storms damage your roof?

Inspect your roof after the storm and if you can see damage from the ground, consult the professionals for help instead of going up to the ceiling.

These are the following worst weather for roofs that can harm you:

How heat can damage your roof

Summer proves dangerous for the roofs as they remain in continuous exposure to sunlight for a long time, and rays cause cracks in the shingles and cause damage to the other material of the roofing. There are the following damages caused by the summer season:

Mold and mildew:

During the summer season, moisture increases in the atmosphere. A hot and humid environment promotes the growth of mildew and mold in the roofs and attics and causes a foul smell in the house, and the quality of roofing material also decreases.

Wood rot:

The supportive layer of your roof consists of plywood material, and extreme heat and humidity cause the breakage or rotting of the wood. Due to moisture, the growth of mold increases in the wood. Consult professional help if you absorb such symptoms.

Damaged shingles:

The roof’s shingles start shrinking after the prolonged exposure to sunlight and start getting blisters if the nails are holding them up to start popping up. Moreover, the poor insulation system of the internal attic heat of the house can also damage the shingles.

How rain can damage your roof

If your roof is not prepared correctly, your roof is more likely to get damaged by the rainwater. Rainwater is the primary cause of roof leakage and damages the property. There are the following symptoms you should look for in the roof:


Leaks are the most common problem in rainfall. If you inspect correctly and cover the trial on time, you can save your roof from significant issues.

Mold and rot:

During the continuous rainfall, the roof does not get enough time to dry out completely, and in the presence of moisture, the growth of mold and fungi increase and cause the rotting of the roof.

Clogged gutters

Due to the wind and rain, debris and leaves of the trees get stuck in the gutter and block it. Clogged drains affect water flow, get stuck on the roof, and damage the roof by forming leaks.

How wind can damage your roof

Wind causes more damage in the areas where hurricanes are common. Strong wind can rip off your roof and puncture it with branches of trees. Fallen leaves and debris got stuck on the top and clogged the gutters.

There are the following damages that you should look for after the storm:

Damage or missing shingles:

Though asphalt shingles are considered the best material for roofing, where storms and hurricanes are common, they are not remarkably effective. Due to the heavy wind pressure, shingles get damaged and even go missing. If you see any damaged shingles, try to recover them as soon as possible to avoid the leakage of the roof.

Worn-off granules:

With time the granules of asphalt shingles start to wear off. These granules are responsible for protecting the roof against the sunlight. But after prolonged exposure to sunlight and fast wind, these granules start losing their adhesive and get ripoff due to wind.

Damaged soffit or fascia:

Soffit is responsible for collecting snow and water on the roof, and fascia is responsible for giving an excellent appearance to the house. Debris that comes with the wind causes the chocking of the soffits and stops the flow of the water or snow, and strong wind causes the curling of the roof’s edges.

Contact us to recover from the worst weather for roofs

Our team at Matlock Roofing can provide their service to you in every weather condition and storm you face. Our expert team can find the errors and damages with good inspection skills and repair them quickly. If you want to see more information about our storm damage service or are confused, you can reach out to Matlock Roofing in Purvis, Hattiesburg, Petal, and Sumrall at 601-299-4048

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