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Storm Chasers After Big Storms

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Storm Chasers after big storms from Matlock Roofing. The first repair professional you find online can be tempting if you get hit by a storm. Even more tempting can be offering roof repair services when an expert appears at your door. We suggest that you not choose the first option since many cold calls are storm chasers.

If you deal with door-to-door storm chasers, your chances of getting a fair deal and solving your long-term problem are ruined. They provide substandard, short-term, and bare-minimum storm repair services, following storms from town to town. By using this article, you will be able to avoid scams and guarantee quality, lasting roofing services to help you recover from hail damage.


What is Storm Chasers?

A storm chaser is a company that follows severe weather from area to area, repairing damage caused by hail and wind to roofs and sidings. Insurance company representatives collect payments for their services from property owners to complete the work (which may not be as good as local contractors) before moving on to the next storm-damaged area. Storm damage restoration specialists typically go door-to-door to provide insurance recovery or insurance restoration services in storm-damaged areas.

The Dangers of Hiring Storm Chasers

Those who chase storms only care about making a quick buck. The faster they can charge you, the more money they make. To do this, they will:

Not be able to fix a bigger problem but want to leave before a solution is found. Instead, they will do quick repairs to mask the symptoms.

Even though your roofing might not need any repairs, they will charge you regardless.

You are scammed out of your money if you choose the second option. On the other hand, the first option is far more dangerous and costly.

The real problem will worsen if you don’t address the underlying issue. It is dangerous for the structural integrity of your house. A roof that could have easily been repaired will cost you thousands when it is too damaged to be repaired.

Types of Damage That May Attract Storm Chasers

Hail, heavy rain, and fast winds can all cause disastrous damage. A storm can cause property damage in many ways, ranging from minor, simple fixes to large, expensive repairs.

Due to the difficulty of accessing storm damage, storm chasers usually target roof damage. Lying and charging more is easier this way.

Risks of Working with Storm Chasers

Isn’t it better to hire a storm chaser than a roofing company to handle the damage? Local roofing companies are a better choice for several reasons.

Fixes That Fall Apart

The chasers aren’t local. In most cases, they perform jobs in a hurry, leaving before customers can complain about subpar services. You realize they can only fix the problem for a month after performing their repair, and then they are long gone. If you use a roofing company to perform the same job, you must pay again.

Fabricated Damages

Residents can also be charged for services they do not need by these scammers. The experts are likely to tell you there’s a problem when you trust them. Some companies exploit this fact. It is common for them to lie about the repairs you need to charge you more. During the roof inspection, they might even take pictures of nonexistent damage.

Fees that are overcharged and hidden

There is nothing worse than an unexpectedly high bill after a roof repair. Storm chasers are known for tacking on hidden charges to your receipt that don’t appear until after the job has been completed. In some cases, they are vague about how much the job will cost even when they make the proper repair. This indicates that they might be trying to overcharge you.

Storm Chasers After Big Storms. Trust Matlock Roofing

Storm chasers should not be trusted. Make sure you and your property receive the attention and care they deserve by working with a #1 roofing company. Local roofing contractors will be familiar with the architecture and the seasonal changes in the climate. Therefore, they are the best choice for creating sustainable fixes that will last longer.

For more information, contact Matlock Roofing & Construction today at 601-299-4048. We service areas in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, Petal, and Purvis, MS.

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