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The Best Ways To Handle Unexpected Roof Emergencies

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The Best Ways To Handle Unexpected Roof Emergencies

Matlock Roofing knows the best ways to handle unexpected roof emergencies with. Roofs play a major role in your home’s comfort. As important as a quality foundation is to a building, so is having a quality roof. Consider these reasons:

Protection & Support

A roof is more than just a first line of defense against the sun, wind, precipitation, and other factors. The roof also contributes structural support and strength to the walls.


In addition to providing reliable protection & support, a structurally sound roof can do a lot more. Additionally, quality roofing materials combined with sufficient insulation and adequate ventilation make your house more energy-efficient, thereby lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Added Curb Appeal & Value

The appearance of your home suffers when your roof is sagging or if you have moss or algae growing on it. An attractive roof, however, is well-installed with quality materials. Additionally, a good roof will boost the value of your home and help to increase its selling price (should you ever decide to sell).


What Classifies as a Roof Emergency?

Tornadoes, hurricanes, hailstorms, and other extreme weather events would count as roof emergencies. However, serious roof problems can also be caused by less spectacular root issues. Matlock Roofing can help you with the best ways to handle unexpected roof emergencies.

Microbursts, Cold Fronts, & Strong Winds

Microbursts and straight-line winds are not tornadoes, but these can cause significant damage quickly following a thunderstorm downdraft. 

It is sometimes possible to generate damaging winds even during the passage of a cold front without embedded storms.

Snowpack & Ice Dams

Even though severe winter storms are not a constant threat to the Southeast, frozen precipitation can still fall. The snowpack and ice dams caused by prolonged freezing weather can cause leaks and water damage to roofs.

Roof Leaks

Even a small leak on the roof can quickly become a big problem when it comes to leaks. Roof leaks can cause interior water damage, mold growth, and mildew growth. Depending on the location of the leak, it may even cause damage to the building’s foundation.

Lack of Maintenance

A minimum of once a year, you should thoroughly inspect your roof. Giving your roof a good inspection after each change of season is even better. Failing to do so can lead to small roof problems becoming more serious.

Poor Installation Workmanship

According to most roofing professionals, a problem with the roofing materials themselves is not the primary cause of premature roof failure. Roof problems are often the result of improper installation! That is why it is so crucial to choose the right roofing specialist from the get-go.

How to Anticipate & Respond When Roof Emergencies Occur

There are many types of roofing emergencies. Some of these can be predicted in advance, but some still occur without much warning. Are there any ways to prepare for such emergencies? You might be surprised! With Matlock Roofing, we can give you the best ways to handle unexpected roof emergencies.

Purchase some good homeowner’s insurance

You almost certainly need homeowner’s insurance if you own a home and pay a mortgage. It is still a good idea to keep a homeowner’s insurance policy in place even if your mortgage has been paid off. Homeowners’ insurance usually covers roof damage caused by a storm. A few exceptions to this are damages caused by floods or earthquakes which require specialized insurance coverage. Verify what your current coverage includes by talking to your insurance provider! It is then possible to adjust or expand your policy as needed.

Set aside an emergency fund

Dave Ramsey suggests that, in addition to setting aside money to pay down debt, you should set up an “emergency fund” if anything unforeseen happens. Ramsey recommends setting aside $1,000 as a starting point, but it is your choice how much you set aside. Ramsey explains that you never know what will happen, so it is important to have an emergency fund and it is one of the best ways to handle unexpected roof emergencies. If you lose your job or suffer an emergency, such as a roof leak, you will be so grateful you have that money saved up. Be prepared!

Assess & repair any immediate issues

Make sure you carefully assess your roof’s current condition. One of the best ways to handle unexpected roof emergencies is to bring in some roofing professionals to help you if you are uncomfortable doing such an inspection yourself. Make a visual inspection of your roof, and note any damaged or missing shingles, any pooling of water or leaks, and any areas where your gutters have dislodged from the roof. Check inside your home as well – look for discolorations, bubbling, or obvious signs of leaks. If you see any problem areas, make sure to repair them.

Choose a reputable roofer to partner with now

Perhaps you do not need any major repairs on your roof right now – and hopefully, you will not! It can be stressful and confusing to undergo emergency roof repair or replacement whenever the need arises. A long-term decision should not be made in the heat of the moment. Therefore, finding the right local roofing contractor to partner with is best done before you need them! Matlock Roofing and Construction serves in MS and is the best local roofer!

Choose Matlock Roofing for All Your Roofing Needs in Hattiesburg, MS

If your roof is damaged or has endured many years of service, one of the best things you can do is partner with Matlock Roofing to prepare for roof threats! Matlock Roofing knows the best ways to handle unexpected roofing emergencies. There is a complete selection of preferred roof installations & roof repair services offered by Matlock Roofing, and the company works with shingles, metal, wood shakes, tile, slate, tile, composites, synthetics, and more.

Choosing the right local roofing professional is as important as finding the right roofing materials. They should be able to satisfy your needs while earning your trust at the same time. No name in Mississippi is more trusted than Matlock Roofing when it comes to roofing! Matlock Roofing serves the Purvis, Petal, and Hattiesburg, MS area. We have the tools, the training, and the experience necessary to handle any roofing project, large or small. The positive reviews on Guild Quality speak for themselves when it comes to our quality of workmanship.

Give us a call today in Hattiesburg, Purvis, Sumrall, and Petal, MS at 601-299-4048, and one of our friendly experts will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to schedule a free initial roof inspection and personal consultation with us. Reach out to us today to learn how Matlock Roofing can help you!

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