Hattiesburg MS Roof Repairs

Needing a roof repair can be very stressful. When you need a roof repair services, you need a professional Hattiesburg roofer that has tons of experience that can give you peace of mind. 

The Hattiesburg, Petal, Purvis and Sumrall Mississippi areas are constantly getting hit with tornados, hail and high winds. These are the very things that can lead to you needing a roof repair. 

Anytime you see shingles lying in your yard or you have an active roof leak, you don’t have time mess around; you need a roofer that can address your roofing problem and get it fixed fast. 

Matlock Roofing & Construction

What Are the Steps for Roof Repairs? 

Calling and setting an appointment with Matlock Roofing is the first step. One of our project managers will come to your home to inspect your roof to find where your roof leak is coming from. 

Next, your project manager will ask you some questions to see if there is a history of roofing issues. After your project manager asks you a few questions, he will walk around your home and see if he spots any ceiling stains you may have missed. 

Next, your project manager will do a full inspection of your roof. He will narrow down the problem and let you know why you have water leaking in through your roof or why your shingles may be coming off of your roof. A very common problem that causes sliding shingles is high nailing the shingles during a roof installation. 

When shingles are high nailed the nails are placed too high and the roofing crew missed what is called the nail line on the shingle. Over time this will make the shingle vulnerable to high winds blowing them up and ultimately off your roof. 

Next, your project manager will give you his recommendations for either a roof repair or if storm damage is found possibly a new roof. Depending on the age of your roof, if a roof repair goes over 31% of the cost of a new roof your project manager may recommend a new roof installation. 

Possible Results

If the cost of the roof repair is under 31% of the cost of a new roof it is very likely he will recommend a roof repair. In many cases, a roof repair can save you from having to get a new roof and could help get you many more years of good service out of your current roofing system. 

Roof repair or replace

No Stress Roof Repairs


At Matlock Roofing we know needing a roof repair can cause great stress. We take our job very serious and part of our job is to take that stress off of you and put it on ourselves. We want you to simply make the decision on what you want us to do and then just let the roofing professionals do their thing. 

This is a time that you want, need, and deserve a professional roofer from the Hattiesburg area to take care of you. Matlock Roofing is that roofer. 


FAQ for Roof Repairs 

Do you do roof repairs to flat roofs?

Yes, we do roof repairs to flat roofs. There are many kinds of flat roofs like torchdown or modified bitumen or the old kind tar & gravel. We can also repair flat roofs using TPO and other membrane type flat roofs. Many commercial roofs use these types of flat roofing systems.


Do you do emergency roof repairs?

Yes, we certainly do emergency roof repairs. There is no more stressful and important time for a roof repair than in a storm or emergency situation. We happily do emergency roof repairs.


How long will a roof repair last?

As a roof repair specialest the first thing we would need to do is give you a free roof inspection before we could even give you a roof repair price or let you know if you should do a roof repair or if you may need a new roof. We would have to determine what type of roof repair you need and the type roofing system you have on your roof to determine if you need a roof repair, what a roof repair might cost, and if it makes sense in your situation.


Do you do roof repairs on metal roofs?

Yes, metal roofs are called many different things by different people. Some people call a metal roof a tin roof. There are many types of roof repairs needed on a metal, steel, or tin roof. One very common metal roof repair is replacing all the metal screws. The rubber washer on the head of a metal screw is bad to dry rot and allow water to penetrate your metal roof. Matlock Roofing & Construction would need to give you a free metal roof inspection to let you know if a re-screw metal roof repair is what you need.


What locations do you do roof repairs in?

We do roof repair in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, Purvis and Petal Mississippi