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Why Hiring the Right Roofing Company After a Storm is Important?

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The Hattiesburg and Purvis Mississippi areas just had a tornado, hail and windstorm. Many homeowners are now hiring roofing companies to make repairs to their roof’s. How do you know what roofing contractor to hire? 

Hire a Local Roofing Contractor

There will be many out of town and some even out of state roofers coming to your area. You must be careful about hiring any roofing company, but certainly very careful if they are not from the Hattiesburg or Purvis MS areas. Out of town roofers are typically looking to make a quick buck and leave town as fast as they can. Your local roofing companies live in your city and are going to be concerned with their reputation, whereas out of towners are not. 

You must think past the initial roof repair, new roof, and in many cases major repairs. What warranty if any will you get from a company that has to drive hours to your home just to see what you are calling about? Local roofing companies are easy to get on the phone and live near you, it is easy for them to come check on your concern. 

What Credentials Does Your Roofer Have? 

You need to hire a roofing contractor with rock solid credentials. Is the roofer you are looking at accredited with the Better Business Bureau? If not ask them why they are not. Are they certified with at least one major roofing shingle manufacturer? Any good roofing company that will do you a good roof repair or install a top new roof will be credentialed with a shingle manufacturer. 

Does Your Roofer Have Proper Insurance?

You need to make sure your roofing company has proper workers compensation and general liability insurance. If your roofing contractor does not have proper insurance, it could leave you holding any fallout from an on-job injury or damage. This could be a major loss to you or your homeowner’s policy.  

Does Not Cover Deductibles

You need a roofing company that is more concerned about giving you a good roof. If a roofer tells you he can cover your deductible, there are only a couple of ways for him to accomplish this. To cover your deductible or give you a cheap bid a roofer will have to give you cheaper materials or cheap labor. There is nowhere else to cut roof costs. 

Reputation in the Community

Reputation in the community is very important. If your roofing contractor has a good company reputation as well as a solid personal reputation this is a big bonus. Companies and people with good reputations take care of their customers, before, during and after the new roof or roof repair. 

If you were one of the many homeowners in Purvis and Hattiesburg that got damaged from the latest tornado and hailstorm, call Matlock Roofing & Construction. Matlock Roofing has all these credentials and more.

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