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Window Designs 101

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Window Designs 101. Homeowners go through one window replacement in their entire lifetime and if the ball stays in their court, they do not have to go for the two or three replacements. However, there are many reasons which can compel the homeowners to replace their windows. 

Whether the seal of the windows is broken or the sliding system of the windows is not working properly or there is an air leak either due to glass or frame, windows must be replaced. Everything from the frame to pan must be working properly and the windows should be in a good condition as they turn out to be a great investment. Windows can also increase the selling price of your home.

Window Designs 101

The Power of Windows Aesthetics

You might notice that even a single change in your windows or change in their outer look can give your home a special new look. This new look is only related to the windows and they can change the whole structure of your home and can even make it look different from every direction. This is the reason why windows aesthetics are so important.

Replacement windows are available in different styles and shapes and it all depends on the design of your home, which one would look great on it. Moreover, it depends on the area where you are living whether you are living on the coastal area or colonial area. If you are looking for form and function from your windows, here’s what you should know:

Basic First

Before your dive into the window design options, it is important to run through a list of practical needs. The most important thing is that select those windows which satisfy the need of your light, ventilation, and privacy needs. Moreover, you can preview how the different styles open and close and if they tilt for easy cleaning. 

When you are thinking of replacing the window, always go for the size which is similar to the size that you have already in the house. This will help in avoiding the extra work and labor. However, if the company is not offering the size which your previous windows have, then you would have to go with the custom size that the company is offering. Sometimes, it is good if you go for the custom windows as they would fit perfectly and the labor can work properly on them.

Types of Windows

Before you choose new windows to replace the old ones, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic window types. Moreover, it is also a good idea to learn more about window parts during the window buying process. Some of the window’s styles are listed below.

Double Hung

This is one of the most common types of windows and it consists of two sashes that move up and down and allow for half of the window to open at one time.


Casement windows are hinged vertically to open and close like a door. They are often operated with a crank or handle.


These windows are similar to the casement windows but they are hinged horizontally. When opened, they resemble the shape of an awning.


These windows have a reverse-opening of an awning window and the sash is hinged at the bottom.


The name says it all that the window can slide easily on the railing and this is how it opens or closes.

Bow and Bay

These windows are large and are built to project outward from an outside wall. The windows bow outward to from a bay in the room. 


These windows are large and big and are present usually on one side of the room. They do not open at all.


This window is small and it projects outward to capture more sunlight and allows the air to pass more freely. 

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