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Metal Roofing is a Smart Choice for Many Mississippi Homeowners

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Although shingles are a popular and considerable roofing material, metal roofing is a smart choice for many Mississippi Homeowners. Matlock Roofing can provide you with a metal roof!

Reasons behind the popularity of metal roofing are its unmatchable qualities and resistivity. It can endure harsh weather conditions and survive strong wind better than any roofing material. Moreover, it does not allow the absorptions of moisture or water. Also, it does not get affected by the sun’s solid UV light. The sunlight can cause cracking and peeling of many roofing materials but not metal roofing. All these conditions and reasons made metal roofing the best choice for Mississippi. Though it’s a bit expensive compared to other roofing materials, it is a good investment for business owners in the long run.


In the past, people avoided metal roofing because of its bland appearance compared to the shingles that come in different colors and shapes to match the taste of the client or customer. But it is not the case now as metal roofing has also advanced their industry and is now available in different shapes and varieties to fulfill the customers’ needs. They come in various patterns, including traditional wood shakes, asphalt, or tiles. Now it does not require the customer to sacrifice the property’s appearance for the benefits of metal roofing.

Better investment

Many homeowners do not prefer metal roofing because of its high cost in the market. It is usually three or four times more expensive than any roofing material. But your investment never goes to waste and can be paid off in various ways.

Metal roofs can last almost four times more than the traditional roofing system. It saves you from the cost of repairers and reinstallation after a short interval of time. Steel and aluminum can survive for almost 30 to 50 years, and other metals, including copper, can last for nearly 100 years, providing ease to homeowners by not replacing roofs after a short period. Moreover, it also saves the cost of repairers and maintenance as it requires less care than other materials.

A “green” choice

Today, people are more conscious about the environment and prefer environmentally friendly materials for different choices. The same goes for the roofing material. Metal roofing is the best choice for these customers.

Asphalt shingles are good in many ways, but their major problem is the absorption or transfer of heat from sunlight. Due to the material of asphalt shingles, they allow transition of heat and increase the temperature of the house in summers which eventually leads to an increase in the cost of the cooling system of the home. But metal roofing does not retain heat for a long time and decreases the property’s heat transfer rate. So due to decrease in the cost of the cooling system of the house can save 40 percent of the expenses of the homeowner. Metal roofing material is recycled able and can be recycled 100-percent.

Important things to consider

Though metal roofing has many positive aspects, there are also some issues that you should consider regarding metal roofing. 

The installation method of roofs matters a lot. If the installation is not done correctly, then your roof will not survive for a long time regardless of the quality and type of material used in the construction. The same goes with the metal roofing. Only professional and experienced workers can adequately install the metal roofing without causing any trouble. Its installation required special training, tools, skills, and equipment that every roofing company cannot offer. So, make sure you choose the right company or person to install metal roofing. 

Metal roofing also requires care, just like other roofing materials. Try to keep the gutter and drainage system free from debris to avoid roof repairs and try your best to walk on the roof as little as possible. Remove the extra length of trees that can scratch the top or cause more damage during the hurricane due to air pressure. Moreover, fallen leaves of trees get stuck in the gutters and drainage system, causing the blockage.

Another complaint about the metal roofing system is that it makes the sound during the rain though some people also like it. But with some additional insulation, noise can be reduced.

If you are also thinking about installing metal roofing, or have any confusion in this regard, call Matlock Roofing & Construction at 601-299-4048. We service Sumrall, Petal, Hattiesburg, and Purvis, MS.

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