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10 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Failure

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10 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Failure from Matlock Roofing & Construction. Our roofing business would like commercial roofs to survive for eternity. If they did, it would be a huge relief for our customers!

However, commercial roofs are not immune to the harsh weather elements effects. Thus, they eventually will need a replacement. 


No matter how well you maintain it. Due to the natural wear and tear process and other events that may occur, your business roof will eventually fail. 

As commercial roofing contractors, we think that all building owners and property managers should be aware of the various reasons their business roofs may fail. For your benefit, Matlock Roofing has put up a list of the 10 most common reasons commercial roofs fail, and we’ll show them below

10 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Failure

  1. Poor workmanship

The most common cause of roof collapse is poor workmanship, especially for new roofs. For us, this is an extremely significant issue. Indeed, we have covered it extensively on our site. Many roofers in the market claim to be expert commercial roofing professionals. But, that doesn’t imply they have the proper credentials, licenses, and training to back it up. Therefore, make sure you properly check the qualifications of any contractor you choose to work on your roof. By doing so, you will guarantee you’re working with a seasoned expert.

  1. Failure to regularly inspect and maintain

Do you use to have many subjects in your mind? Then, remembering to schedule and conduct your bi-annual or quarterly roof inspections might be a pain in the neck.

However, your roof is something you don’t want to neglect. Even a few weeks’ delays in doing a routine roofing inspection might cause a little problem to scale into a major one. Thus, plan ahead of time for your inspections and maintenance so that nothing is missed.

  1. Incorrect materials for your climate

A structure in Minnesota may need a different roofing material than a building in Florida, and vice versa. For those that choose qualified and accredited commercial roofing contractors, this shouldn’t be an issue. But, it is still necessary to know the right type of roofing material for your region. Besides, your commercial roofing contractor should be able to guide you on selecting the correct products for the place where you live.

  1. Exposure to the elements

Your roof is outside and on top of your building. Therefore, it cannot escape from the constant impact of weather. Its primary function is to keep outside out of your building those natural elements. Hence, your roof will have to resist the weather effect permanently. 

Over time, exposure to severe temperatures, UV radiation, and other environmental conditions might generate failure. Thus, it is so critical to keep up with the inspections and maintenance described above.

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  1. Ignoring problems when they’re small

It is easy to overlook problems that are not as big as they appear. When something is not affecting your daily life, you are more likely to put off dealing with it until it becomes a bigger issue. The urge to ignore roofing problems is understandable. But, doing so is a sure way to fail. 

A tiny leak might escalate to a complete ceiling collapse in a month if you do not fix it promptly. So, when you first identify a roofing problem, take care of it immediately. 

  1. Equipment changes or additions

Are you planning to replace a rooftop HVAC system, chimney, or another piece of hardware? Keep in mind that changes like these require care and accuracy. In this sense, for any commercial roofing-related job, you should hire professionals. 

Besides, if you need a different contractor for something like a heating and air conditioning system installation, you still should involve a professional roofer. Damage to the roof might occur by placing or removing inappropriately any rooftop equipment.

  1. Foot traffic

As commercial roofing experts, we tend to spend time on our client’s roofs. The views from the top are spectacular. Also, it is a great place to relax. So, it may be tempting to take in the vistas from your rooftop. 

But, we strongly urge that you avoid doing so. Over time, foot activity may easily pierce shingles or dislocate sections of your system. These damages can lead to roof failures over time. 

Thus, it would be better to find a neighboring rooftop restaurant to enjoy the view while you leave your building’s roof to the experts. 

  1. Water damage

Water damage can occur in a variety of ways. Mold, mildew, and wood root are just some of the problems that can result from water seeping through the roof structure, reaching walls and ceilings. Water damage that goes unnoticed for too long can soon lead to the entire collapse of a roof. Then, call your commercial roofing experts as soon as you see water damage on your commercial property.

  1. Changes in building use

The activities taken on within a building can affect roofing structures. Many people are not aware of this, but this is a fact. Roof wear and tear can vary greatly, depending on the previous use of the structure. So, it may affect the roof’s lifespan. 

Did the use of your building change? Consult with your commercial roofing experts. They will tell you if you have to update your roofing system.

  1. The general age of the roof

Commercial roofs don’t endure forever, as we stated at the beginning of this post. When a commercial roof reaches its 20th, 25th, or 30th birthday, it is likely to fail. This is the result of the normal wear and tear process. Is this your case? Your business roofing experts can help you plan a replacement if your roof has reached the end of its useful life.

Do you feel that some of the above issues may be present on your roof? You can count on the commercial roofing experts at Matlock Roofing for help. Our technicians in Mississippi are available to examine your roof free of charge today. Contact us at 601-299-4048 so that we can fix your roof before it fails!

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