New Roof Installation

A new roofing installation is quite one of the largest investments you will make in your home. The quality of the new roof installation can make a significant difference in how long your roof lasts and the actual cost you are going to spend on maintenance over the years.

A new roof installation can be performed by all local roofing companies in town. The question is, will the businesses do it correctly? When it is time to get a new roofing system, make sure your project manager does the job right the first time.

With this useful roofing pre-work checklist, you can minimize disruption of your life prior to a project manager showing up at your home. We will also go over a few new roofing installation tips for communicating with your roof contractors to help you catch all eventualities and ensure that your roofing contractors do not miss any important details. A new roofing system can be quite expensive, and you want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for by having constant communication with your project manager so that problems are identified early in the process.

The video made by Matlock Roofing with the help of CertainTeed Corporation shows an example of how a new roof installation. takes place. Some steps and options may vary based on the home and situation, but this video will give you a good idea of what to expect during your new roof installation project whether it is a metal roof or a shingled roof. Our commitment is to provide you with peace of mind, so you can enjoy your investment.

Watch the Video Showing How Matlock Roofing Installs Every New Roof.

New Roof Installation: Techniques for Proper Installation

Before work begins on your roof, your new roof replacement project starts all the way back at the CertainTeed factory in Shreveport Louisiana. This is where the CertainTeed Corporation makes the best roofing material in the country, using advanced technology to design superior products that defend homeowners against extreme weather and climate change. After CertainTeed makes your roofing materials, we will have a reliable roofing distributor drop your roofing shingles and other accessories at your home the day of or the day before your new roofing system is scheduled to be installed for normal procedures. This could change due to weather and location of your home.

When we talk about a new roofing installation, we are referring to the following:

At Matlock Roofing, we start your roofing project by tarping your home to catch the falling debris and ensure the area around your home is safe prior to beginning. Now, it is time to remove all the old roofing shingles and tear the old roofing felt off your deck. This is necessary to know if your deck has any rotten wood. At Matlock Roofing, we do not take chances when it comes to protecting your home. We are a reliable roofing business that prides ourselves in providing our customers with detailed roof inspections that allow us to find even the smallest flaws that a human eye cannot catch. If the roofing businesses are not tearing the old felt off the deck, you should ask them why not?

Once we have a nice clean roof deck to work with, it is now time to install the drip edge around the eaves and rakes of your home. The drip edge or what some people call the eave flashing is used to protect the eave of your home and kick the water off the facia to prevent rotting of the facia over time.

After installing the felt, it is time for the starter course of shingles. The CertainTeed SwiftStart starter shingle goes along the eave of your home and is designed to protect this vulnerable area of your home. This is yet another way a project manager will try to save money. To cut cost many roofing companies will take a standard 3-tab roofing shingle and cut it then turn it around backward and use it as a starter shingle. One problem with doing this is there is no adhesive for the first course of shingles so wind-blown rain is going to be a problem with this kind of new roof installation. Do not get caught up in a bad new roof installation. Remember that any reputable project manager will be able to tell you their new roof installation process and the really good ones can show you a video of it.

Next, it is time to nail down the field shingles, this is what it is all about. The CertainTeed Landmark series roofing shingle is a high-performance, premium asphalt shingle designed to offer enduring beauty with exceptional durability. Each of these shingles meets CertainTeed’s demanding standards for quality, so when installed by a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor – they are eligible for 50-year warranty from CertainTeed giving you the peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time. The warranty’s that we offer to our customers are designed to give them the very best coverage in the industry. With a 5-star roofing warranty from CertainTeed, you’ll know you are making the right choice for your Hattiesburg, Petal or Purvis home.

Now that we have our roof deck cleaned, any rotten wood replaced, drip edge installed, ice & water shield installed, synthetic felt nailed, starter shingles installed, field shingles installed, it is time for the ridge vent to be cut out and then our hip & ridge shingles to be installed.

For your roofing system to work properly, you must make sure your roof’s ridge keyway is cut out properly. Once your keyway is cutout, it is time to install the CertainTeed ridge vent. At Matlock Roofing we use the CertainTeed 12” ridge vent as a standard ridge vent. This will allow your roofing system to properly breathe and cool your attic. A roofing system that works with your attic insulation and ventilation will ensure that your roofing shingles last longer and give you better performance.

Once the ridge vent is installed, the last part of the roofing components to install are your hip & ridge shingles. At Matlock Roofing your local roofing contractors use the CertainTeed Shadow Ridge or Mountain Ridge hip & ridge shingles.

It has been a long day, but it is time ‘to get the job done.’ We start all our roofing projects with the best products, but at Matlock Roofing, we finish with an exceptional cleanup. A professional roofer will clean up the old shingled roof material and make sure all the nails are cleaned up and gone. We also double check your yard and flower beds one last time and drag industrial strength magnets to make sure we have picked up any loose nails that may have been overlooked in the first clean-up just to make sure we do not leave anything behind that should not be there! We do not just fix the roof, we clean it up so you can get back to living life on your terms.

Complete roofing system with 5 tips on what you get

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for New Roof Installation

When will my roofing material arrive?

Normally your roofing material will arrive the morning of your new roofing installation or the day before, depending on the location of your home and the weather for the day. Please allow for delays for equipment breakdown or traffic.

Will Matlock Construction & Roofing Cover My Landscaping?

Yes, we will lay out tarps over flower beds and other sensitive areas to protect the landscaping from roofing debris.

What is Your Clean Up Process?

During the entire roofing process, we will be cleaning as we go. Once the roof installation is complete, we will gather up all tarps and throw that debris into our debris trailer then make once last sweep around your yard and flower beds.