New Roof Installation

Any roofer can do a new roof installation, the question is will they do it correctly? We will go over a few new roof installation tips for communicating with your roofing contractor. We will also give you a useful roofing pre-work checklist to minimize disruption of your life prior to a roofing crew showing up at your home. 

Matlock Roofing has made a video with the help of the CertainTeed Corporation to show you exactly how your new roof should be installed. Watch the video below so you can have peace of mind with Matlock Roofing installing your new roof. 

Watch the Video Showing How Matlock Roofing Installs Every New Roof

New Roof Installation: Techniques for Proper Installation

Your new roof installation starts all the way back at the CertainTeed factory in Shreveport Louisiana. This is where the CertainTeed Corporation makes the best roofing material in the country. After CertainTeed makes your roofing materials, we will have a distributor drop your roofing shingles and other accessories at your home the day of or the day before your new roof is scheduled to be installed for normal procedures. This could change due to weather and location of your home. 

When we talk about a new roof installation, we are referring to the following:

At Matlock Roofing we start your roofing project by tarping your home to catch the falling debris. 

Now, it is time to remove all the old roofing shingles and tear the old roofing felt off of your deck. This is necessary to know if your deck has any rotten wood. If your roofing company is not tearing the old felt off the deck, you should ask them why not? 

Once we have a nice clean roof deck to work with it is now time to install the drip edge around the eaves and rakes of your home. The drip edge or what some people call the eave flashing. The drip edge is used to protect the eave of your home and kick the water off the facia to prevent rotting of the facia over time

Next after the drip edge is added it’s time for the ice and water and new synthetic felt. At Matlock Roofing we use an ice & water product called WinterGuard by CertainTeed. The WinterGuard will be placed in all valleys of your roof as well as around all plumbing pipe boots, around all vent stacks and chimneys. This is a waterproof barrier that self-heals around nails to protect vulnerable areas of your roof. 

After the ice & water barrier, it is time for the synthetic felt. At Matlock Roofing we use Roof Runner by the CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed makes the very best roofing felt in the industry. This synthetic felt will go over the drip edge at the eave of your home and under the drip edge on the rakes. The rake is the edge of your roof running up to the ridge of your roof. 

CertainTeed requires the felt be installed over the drip edge and the eave of the home in case any water does get through the shingles it will run down and off the edge of the home and not under the drip edge and cause rotten fascia and soffit. 

CertainTeed also requires the felt to be under the drip edge at the rakes so wind-driven rain will not push the water under the felt at this very vulnerable area of your home. 

These first few steps of the roofing process are where many roofing companies will cut corners to give cheaper bids by not using synthetic felt and not using ice & water barrier at all. 

After the felt it is time for the starter course of shingles. The CertainTeed SwiftStart starter shingle goes along the eave of your home and is designed to protect this vulnerable area of your home. This is yet another way many roofers will try to save money. To cut cost many roofing companies will take a standard 3-tab roofing shingle and cut it then turn it around backward and use it as a starter shingle. 

One problem with doing this is there is no adhesive for the first course of shingles so wind-blown rain is going to be a problem with this kind of new roof installation. Any reputable roofing contractor will be able to tell you their installation process and the really good ones can show you a video of it. 

Next, it is time to nail down the field shingles, this is what it’s all about. The CertainTeed Landmark series roofing shingles, when installed by a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor, will be eligible for a 50-year warranty. CertainTeed would not offer a 50-year warranty if they did not believe in their shingles. 

Ask about our 5-Star roofing warranty. The CertainTeed 5-Star warranty is the very best roofing coverage in the industry. This will give you true peace of mind on your Hattiesburg, Petal or Purvis home. 

Now that we have our roof deck cleaned, any rotten wood replaced, drip edge installed, ice & water shield installed, synthetic felt nailed, starter shingles installed, field shingles installed, it’s time for the ridge vent to be cut out and then our hip & ridge shingles to be installed. 

For your roofing system to work properly, you must make sure your roof’s ridge keyway is cut out properly. Once your keyway is cutout it is time to install the CertainTeed ridge vent. At Matlock Roofing we use the CertainTeed 12” ridge vent as a standard ridge vent. This will allow your roofing system to properly breathe and cool your attic. A roofing system that works with your attic insulation and ventilation will ensure that your roofing shingles last longer and give you better performance. 

Once the ridge vent is installed the last part of the roofing components to install are your hip & ridge shingles. At Matlock Roofing we use the CertainTeed Shadow Ridge or Mountain Ridge hip & ridge shingles. 

Now that you have the very best roofing system in the roofing industry it is now time to wrap up your roofing project by making sure we have everything clean and back in place. Matlock Roofing will double check your yard and flower beds one last time and drag industrial strength magnets to make sure we have picked up any loose nails that may have been overlooked in the first clean-up

Complete roofing system with 5 tips on what you get

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for New Roof Installation

When will my roofing material arrive? 

Normally your roofing material will arrive the morning of your new roof installation or the day before, depending on the location of your home and the weather for the day. Please allow for delays for equipment breakdown or traffic. 

Will Matlock Construction & Roofing Cover My Landscaping? 

Yes, we will protect your flower beds and all landscaping. We will put tarps where needed to allow us to remove roofing debris. 

What is Your Clean Up Process? 

During the entire roofing process, we will be cleaning as we go. Once the roof installation is complete, we will gather up all tarps and throw that debris into our debris trailer then make once last sweep around your yard and flower beds.