New Roof Installation

Investing in a new roof installation is one of the most important decisions that you take. That’s why it requires careful planning and consideration to make the most of this investment. After all, a new roof installation is a crucial investment in the maintenance costs and longevity of your property.

While many local roofing companies offer new roof installations, you need to ensure that the job is done correctly. The quality of your roof installation will determine how long it will last and the amount of money you will spend on maintenance over the years. Therefore, it is critical to hire a project manager who can guarantee a proper installation of your new roof.

The good news is that by utilizing our tried and tested roof installation processes, you can effectively reduce disruptions to your daily life throughout your roofing project. Additionally, we will provide you with some valuable new roofing installation tips to help you communicate better with your roofing contractors. This simple step will ensure that no crucial details are overlooked.

As the installation of a new roofing system comes with a considerable cost, maintaining consistent communication with your project manager is the key to identifying and addressing any issues that may arise early in the process. Ultimately, this will help you ensure that you receive the exact results you paid for.

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New Roof Installation: Techniques for Proper Installation

For a flawless installation of your new roofing system, you need to invest in the highest quality roofing materials depending on your local climate and budget. This is where reputable manufacturers like CertainTeed Corporation come into the picture.

Based in Shreveport Louisiana, CertainTeed is renowned for producing the finest roofing products in the country. It utilizes advanced technology and years to research to create superior materials that offer optimal protection against harsh weather conditions all year round.

Once you’ve chosen the desired roofing materials, we will ensure prompt delivery of your roofing shingles and other accessories through one of our dependable distributors to your home.

In most cases, delivery will be made the day before or the day of the scheduled installation. This may change slightly due to weather or location-related issues. When you choose Matlock Roofing for your new roof installation, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible and longest-lasting roofing system for your home.

When we talk about a new roofing installation, we are referring to the following:

New Roof Installation: Step by Step Break Down 

If you’re considering a new roofing installation, make sure you understand the process involved.

  1. Tearing Off the Old Roof Safely

At Matlock Roofing, we give a lot of importance to safety and attention to detail in all our projects. To begin, we will tarp your home to prevent debris from falling and to ensure that the surrounding area is safe and secure. We will then proceed to remove all existing roofing shingles and tear off the old roofing felt from your deck.

This step is important to identify any underlying issues with the deck, including rotting wood. At Matlock Roofing, we pride ourselves on our thorough and comprehensive roof inspections.

Our commitment to excellence means that we can detect even the most subtle issues that may go unnoticed by an untrained eye. If your chosen roofing contractor does not follow this process, make sure to ask why they choose to skip this crucial step in protecting your home.

  1. Installing Drip Edge

Now that your roof deck has been prepared, it is time for the installation of the drip edge around the rakes and eaves of your home. Also known as the eave flashing, the drip edge plays a vital role in protecting the eaves of your home and preventing fascia from rotting by water damage.

  1. Installing Starter Shingles

Our experts will install the CertainTeed SwiftStart starter shingle along the eves of your home. These shingles serve as added protection for this damage-prone area. We have come across some roofing companies that utilize a regular 3-tab roofing shingle for the starter course just to cut costs. However, this may result in a lack of adhesive for the first course of shingles and make them susceptible to wind-blown rain.

To avoid poor-quality roofing installation, make sure to choose a reputable project manager who can clearly explain their installation process. For added assurance, project managers from trusted roofing companies like Matlock Roofing can also provide visual demonstrations of their new roof installation process.

  1. Installing Field Shingles

Now, it is time for the installation of the field shingles. This is again an important step in the roofing process. The CertainTeed Landmark series roofing shingle is a top-of-the-line asphalt shingle that has outstanding durability and lasting beauty. Each shingle in this series meets the high standards of quality set by CertainTeed.

As a result, when installed by a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor like Matlock, these shingles qualify for a 50-year warranty from CertainTeed. This means, your investment is secure and will endure for decades to come. Our warranties are unmatched in the industry and provide our customers with the best possible coverage. With a 5-star roofing warranty from CertainTeed, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have made the best decision for your Hattiesburg, Petal, or Purvis home.

  1. Installing Ridge Vent 

The next crucial step is cutting out the ridge vent and installing the hip & ridge shingles. If you want to achieve optimal functionality of your roofing system, make sure that the ridge keyway of your roof is accurately cut out. Once this is completed, our experts will install the CertainTeed 12” ridge vent, which is a standard ridge vent we use at Matlock Roofing. This will allow proper ventilation and cooling of your attic, which in turn will ensure your roofing system functions seamlessly with your attic insulation and ventilation. This will ultimately help extend the lifespan and maximize the performance of your roofing shingles.

  1. Installing Hip & Ridge Shingles

After the installation of the ridge vent, the final step is the installation of hip & ridge shingles. At Matlock Roofing, your trusted local roofing contractors in Hattiesburg, Petal, and Purvis area, we use high-quality CertainTeed Shadow Ridge or Mountain Ridge hip & ridge shingles.

  1. Roofing Cleanup 

We understand that the roofing process can be long and exhausting. So, at Matlock Roofing, we are committed to completing the job to perfection in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Our team of experienced and qualified roofing professionals not only uses the best products at every stage of all our projects but also ensures a spotless cleanup at the end.

As part of our commitment to quality workmanship, we make it a point to clean up all old, shingled roofing material and ensure that all nails and other sharp objects are removed from your property. We even go the extra mile to double-check your flower beds and yard to ensure no debris is left behind. To guarantee a thorough cleanup, we also utilize industrial-strength magnets to find and remove any stray nails that may have been overlooked.

At Matlock Roofing, our mission is not only to help you get your dream roof effortlessly but also to leave your property in pristine condition.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for New Roof Installation

When will my roofing material arrive?

Normally your roofing material will arrive the morning of your new roofing installation or the day before, depending on the location of your home and the weather for the day. Please allow for delays for equipment breakdown or traffic.

Will Matlock Construction & Roofing Cover My Landscaping?

Yes, we will lay out tarps over flower beds and other sensitive areas to protect the landscaping from roofing debris.

What is Your Clean Up Process?

During the entire roofing process, we will be cleaning as we go. Once the roof installation is complete, we will gather up all tarps and throw that debris into our debris trailer then make once last sweep around your yard and flower beds.