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Learn Why Zinc Roofing is so Good

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Learn Why Zinc Roofing is so Good. Are you looking for a long-lasting and attractive metal roofing material? There isn’t much that compares to zinc! You may not have considered zinc before if you live in the United States because it has yet to achieve widespread appeal here, but here’s a fascinating fact: zinc metal panels cover 70% of all European residential roofs. Now, just because Europeans do something doesn’t mean Americans will or should do the same. Nobody in our country is going to tell us what to do! Because zinc has so many diverse properties, we’d be remiss if Matlock Roofing & Construction didn’t discuss its advantages and disadvantages, as well as several fantastic zinc substitutes.


Advantages and Drawbacks Where Zinc Is Concerned

So, if you’re thinking of installing a metal roof, should zinc be on your mind? Let’s learn why zinc roofing is so good and zinc’s advantages and disadvantages quickly.


Incredible Longevity

This is one of zinc’s main selling qualities if you’re seeking a roof that will last a long time. Zinc panel roofing has been known to persist for over a century. Copper is the only other common material with a similar lifespan.

Distinctive Patina

Zinc, like copper, oxidizes to produce its distinct patina. Minor scratches on the zinc will fill up over time due to the patina coating, which protects it.

Give Engaging Look

Another fantastic feature of zinc’s patina is the distinct and appealing appearance it produces. Zinc might start as a dark grey, then fade to a lighter grey and take on a more bluish tone with time.

Essentially No Maintenance

You won’t have to do much with the zinc once it’s installed on your roof. Because the patina regenerates itself, it should never require aesthetic repairs. Zinc requires minimal to no maintenance if done the first time correctly.

Conserves Natural Resources

Zinc is a 100% recyclable metal that may be reused multiple times. Zinc also consumes less energy and emits fewer carbon products than other prevalent roofing materials like shingles.



Zinc’s cost is one of its main drawbacks as a roofing material. When compared to most other roofing materials, zinc has a higher price tag. Copper is the only popular roofing material that costs more than zinc. This is the reason why zinc hasn’t caught on in the United States.

Patina Process Can Be Slow & Hard to Predict

Many people prefer the patina look, but one issue with patina is that you can’t predict how your patina will turn out. Zinc patina might not be the ideal choice if you have a specific color tone in mind. Zinc patination is a lengthy process that can take as little as two years to complete or as much as 30 years in some cases!

Risk of Improper Installation

Any roofing material has the potential for poor installation, but zinc and other metals have a higher risk. Moisture might become trapped inside the roof system if water gets behind or beneath the metal paneling.

What’s good about Metal Roofing in General?

Zinc may or may not be the ideal option for your situation; there are numerous advantages to going with a metal roof in general. Here are a few examples:

Metal roofs are built to last.

A metal roof can indeed be the last roof you’ll ever need if you choose high-quality materials and get them built properly.

Wind, lightning, & fire resistance

Wind gusts of over 140 mph have been recorded on certain metal roofs. Metal also won’t burn, so it’s better for firefighting, and it’s better at dispersing the effects of lightning strikes than other materials.

Won’t rot or host mold & mildew

If properly cared for, metal will not decay or corrode. On metal, mold and mildew have a hard time growing.

Works on roofs of any pitch

Metal roofing can be an excellent answer for your roofing needs, whether your roof is steep or has a low pitch. The application possibilities of most other roofing materials aren’t quite as broad.

Looking for a More Affordable Zinc Alternative? How About a Metal Roof with Zinc Patina?

You’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a zinc roof, but do you like the way it looks? Then a galvalume steel roof with a Kynar zinc patina could be worth considering! A galvalume steel roof may easily last 40-60 years with little to no care, and it comes with its warranty. It’s also less expensive than zinc. Kynar 500 resin-based coatings are injected directly into the metal, retaining the color tone and gloss better than other metal paints. The benefit of this approach is that you can get the distinct patina look you want without worrying about how a natural zinc patination process will turn out.

Although zinc isn’t as ordinary in the United States as in Europe, metal roofing is growing in popularity. While selecting the appropriate roofing material is critical, finding the correct local roofing installation. Many local roofers can hammer a shingle, but few have the necessary training, specialist tools, or experience to handle metal roofing properly.

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