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Reasons for A New Roof Replacement

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Matlock Roofing has today’s post on reasons for a new roof replacement on your Hattiesburg, MS home. Have you wondered how you can know if your roof presents aging-related damages? Here we continue our series about how to know if you need a new roof. Now, we’ll show you the signs that indicate you need roofing repairs or a roof replacement.


  • Surface cracks:

Cracks are a visible and common symptom that the aging process of your roof is advanced. Over time, the sun heat and weather elements action filter the asphalt causing the shingles to lose their flexibility. Other common causes of shingle cracks are thermal shocks or movements in the roofing deck.

  • Curling:

As your roof gets older, the asphalt loses its oils and hardens. Then, the granules erode from the shingles. So, finding granules in the gutters is not rare. So, this is typical within the asphalt shingles aging process.

All this continues day after day on a microscopic level, and it will go unnoticed. Thus, the shingles asphalt coating contracts, causing the edges of the shingles to curl.

  • Loos of granules:

Shingles lose granules because of the normal wear and tear process. Older roofs experience this type of loss. Although it also can occur when installing low-quality asphalt shingles. Granules losing generate the roof weakening and leaks in the long term.

Look for excessive granular loss in your gutters and vents. Loss of granules begins since roofing installation and continues daily, but if it is excessive, this is a clear signal of roofing aging.

  • Rotting on the roof:

Rot appears when a roof is reaching an advanced deterioration. If not resolved promptly, the consequences can go beyond. The water penetration through the roof will affect other parts of your home.

  • A sagging roof deck:

Watch if the roofing deck is sagging between the joists. Constant long-term leaks may cause fallen roofing materials or broken beams.


Do you remember how your neighbors told you how nice your home looked when you installed your roof?

Sadly, your roof will not keep this appearance forever. Studies have demonstrated that the shingles’ aging process starts right after their installation. Evidence showed that during the preliminary curing stage, roofs may lose granules. Also, small blisters may appear, along with little curling in the shingles’ edges. The curling tends to be more evident under lower temperatures. However, they get flat again as the weather gets warmer.

After the preliminary curing process, the shingles will experience a prolonged aging stage through the major part of their life. During their middle years, the roof will continue cracking and losing granules at an insignificant rhythm. When this expended phase ends, the roofing materials will start breaking down faster. This is the final stage of their useful life. At this point, homeowners should consider replacing their roofs.

Do you want to be sure if you need a new roof? Call Matlock Roofing & Construction of Hattiesburg, Mississippi at 601-299-4048. Our experienced roofing team uses the highest quality shingles with the best manufacturers’ warranties.

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