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A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Inspections and Home Appraisal

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A Homeowners Guide to Home Inspections and Home Appraisal. Getting your Hattiesburg, MS home listed for sale is a stressful and time-consuming process. The competition is cut-throat in the real estate industry, and homebuyers usually have a lot of options to choose from. So, you have to create a terrific first impression to get the highest possible price for your home. 

Ideally, the buyers should fall in love with your property right away and feel assured that they’ve made a good decision. As a seller, you can create a good impression by putting on a fresh coat of paint, fixing broken appliances, polishing furniture, and even finishing some pending roofing tasks. 

A Homeowner’s Guide to Home Inspections and Home Appraisal

When it comes to making the final sale, home appraisal and home inspection play the most important roles. There are some minor differences between these two but the overall process is quite similar. Let’s get started.  

Basic Similarities and Differences between Home Inspection and Home Appraisal 

Both home appraisal and inspection processes are performed to evaluate the property from the inside out. Inspectors and appraiser are certified professionals that evaluate the current condition of your home. 

While a home inspection is performed to determine how well the various functions are performing. A home appraiser, on other hand, considers and evaluates the market value of the home. 

Some of the key areas both of these processes focus on are: 

· Walls and foundation

· Exterior structures 

· Roofing

· Electrical 

· Plumbing 

· Bath and kitchen

· Condition of appliances 

A Brief Introduction to Home Inspections

In a home inspection, the main task of the home inspector is to visually inspect specific systems or components of the home for any defects. Based on the evaluation, the components can be repaired or replaced. A home inspection is essentially a non-invasive and visual examination of the property. 

This step is important to ensure that the home is fit for sale. Home inspectors also educate the buyers regarding all the repairs that need to be done. While the large-scale repairs have to be done mandatorily, the smaller repairs are negotiable in most cases. 

A home inspector must provide a completely professional and non-biased view of the property, and must not represent a selling or buying agent. A professional home inspector has the experience and expertise to evaluate things more thoroughly and with attention to detail. This could help you detect and fix major issues in your property and fetch a higher price for your home. 

What is Home Appraisal?  

A home appraiser is a licensed professional that creates an estimate of the actual market value of the home by considering several key parameters. These include the price garnered by the recently sold homes in the neighborhood, the lot size, nearby amenities, and the functions and features in the home, among others

Home appraisers provide an opportunity to both buyer and seller to negotiate the sale details. While an appraiser provides useful information to buyers and sellers, their main motive is to protect the lender. An appraisal is necessary before approving any loan since the lenders do not want to loan money for an overpriced property. 

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