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What to do After a Storm Damages Your Roof

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What to do After a Storm Damages Your Roof. The roof of your home is always in the open and it takes the beating from everything, whether it is strong winds, scorching sun or heavy rains, or even the snowfall of the winter season. This process stays throughout the year. The total impact of all of these things can damage the roof permanently, such as by causing leaks in the roof or creating holes, or causing mold, etc. 

To keep up with the demands of the seasons, you need to make sure that you follow these tips on what to do after storm damage has happened to your home. 

What to do After a Storm Damages Your Roof

Types of storm damage to your roof

After the storm has passed through the town, you must go outside and take a look at your roof completely to assess the damage. If you know what to do after the storm damage has occurred is the first step in keeping your roof in good condition because even a small leak can become a big one of the next storm came in no time. 

Wind damage

One of the biggest damages is caused by the strong windstorms and they also destroy the shingles and the possibility of debris falling onto the roof which the winds are carrying is maximum. With the strong winds, shingles can off and can leave the spot open for leaks and cracks. 

It is not always written that the roof will get damaged if the winds are too strong, but it is always best to check the condition of the roofs once the storm has gone away.

Hail Damage

Hail is the major leading cause of roof damage in the spring and fall. If the size of the hail is large, it can cause cracks and even holes in the roof if their pressure is too high because of the winds. But once the hail storm ends, you must go upstairs on your roof, with the help of a ladder, and take a thorough look at the roof to find if there is any sign of damage or not. Once the thorough inspection is done, you can call the experts to get the roof repaired if the cracks and holes are large to avoid any damage to the inside of the home.

Rain Damage

Rain damage is the mother of all damages and if it goes without notice, it will go through the cracks of your roof till the basement and ceiling damaging the foundations of your home. This is why you must look for the damage caused by the rain so that you can get it repaired on time.

What storm damage might look like

It will have the look of missing flashing, loose sealant, or missing shingles. These are some of the points where you have to pay the attention to know whether the roof has been damaged or not after the storm. 

How to start the process of roof replacement

Once you have assessed the damage done to the roof, the next step is to start the replacement process. For this, you can contact different contractors and we assure you that we offer the best service in your area from the right roofing material to the experts who can make the whole work easy for you. We offer different warranty options and we can accommodate your schedule to find the perfect day to complete your new roof installation.

What your homeowner insurance covers

Well, we want you to be aware of the insurance thing that what will be covered and what will be left uncovered. 

The homeowner insurance covers your roof in cases like where it is damaged for reasons outside of the homeowners’ control, such as fire. Moreover, this policy will also cover the damage caused by extreme weather events such as acts of God. Roof damages caused by rain, hail, and winds are also included in the insurance policy. If you want to get everything insured, you need to fill in the claim properly.

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