Roof Leak

If you have a roof leak or even think it might be a leak from your roof, the first thing to do is call Matlock Roofing. Below, Matlock Roofing has a list of common problems to check before a roofing service technician comes out. Below you will find a list and pictures of each common problem that will make you think you have a roof leak when in fact it is not related to the roofing system. When you have checked the things on the following list and you are convinced it is a roofing system matter, please fill out the service authorization form below and give us a call for a service technician to come out and inspect your roof. Matlock Roofing is happy to come out and check your roof. If Matlock Roofing makes a service call and the leak is not related to the roofing system installed by Matlock Roofing there will be a $125.00 service fee. If Matlock Roofing finds a leak to be unrelated to the roofing system and Matlock Roofing is able to make the repair, a fee will be discussed and if you would like the issue repaired Matlock Roofing, after acceptance of the fee, will make the repair.

Common Roof Leak Issues

Around 50% of roof leak callbacks are unrelated to the roofing service and here you can find the short list of leak issues to check yourself before a service technician comes to your home.

  • A/C overflow pan in the attic. The A/C overflow pan and A/C lines in the attic are one of the most common problems seen on a roof leak call back. Go in your attic and see if the pan under the A/C unit is full of water. If the pan has water you should immediately call a air conditioning repair company. Here is a quick tip from Matlock Roofing, once a month open your cap to your overflow line and put a full cap of clorox bleach in the line. The Clorox bleach will kill algae and help prevent your hot water heater line from clogging up.


  • Gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts can become full of leaves or debris and clogged causing many apparent roof leaks. Everything from tennis balls to leaves and pine straw will clog up downspouts and fill the gutters to the point they overflow. When gutters and downspouts get clogged, water will flow backwards and go under the shingles and make it appear that you have a roof leak. Make sure you check the gutters as well as your downspouts to be sure they are free of debris. Have Matlock Roofing or another roofing or gutter professional clean your roof and gutters at least once a year to make sure you do not have what appears to be a roof leak from your gutters.
  • Cracked bricks and mortar in chimney. Cracked bricks and old mortar are very common problems that will make you think you have a roof leak. This one you may not be able to check on your own, but if the leak is near or around the chimney be prepared for a service call fee and repair bill on this one. Over time chimneys must be worked and reworked depending on age. The mortar at some point may need to be redone or you may be able to get by with just water proofing the chimney.


  • Chimney cap cracked and leaky. Older chimney caps must be replaced from time to time. A chimney cap is another leak issue that you may not be able to handle on your own depending on your age and the pitch of your roof. It is not safe to inspect your roof and chimney yourself, call a roofing professional instead. This is another roof maintenance issue that will have to be paid for and must be done from time to time when you have a chimney. Get the Matlock Roofing maintenance agreement and have Matlock Roofing come out and inspect and clean your roof and to make sure your chimney cap is ok.
  • Stucco around the chimney and wall is another very common area that will make you think you have a roof leak. Stucco over time will get cracks and this allows water to enter the home. Stucco around the chimney and the sidewalls are very prone to leak water when it is aged. This is another problem you may not be able to access on your own, so fill free to call Matlock Roofing!
  • Brick wall pulling away from home. Over time the brick wall can literally pull away from the home, when this happens it will allow water to come in and in many cases homeowners think the roof is leaking. Over time homes settle and can cause this issue to happen. If you see your outer wall separating from the main structure this is most likely the cause of your leak. Matlock Roofing will be happy to follow up and check this for you and there may be a service call fee involved on this one but if your not sure call a roofing pro.
  • Skylights. Skylights are notorious for leaking! Skylights are very prone to leak around the frame and the glass itself depending on the age of the skylight. Sometimes skylight leaks can be repaired however it’s best to just replace the skylight and get rid of the leak for good. Matlock Roofing will only install Velux Skylights. The reason Matlock Roofing is so adamant about using Velux Skylights is they have the best warranty in the skylight industry and they stand behind it. If you have a new roofing project already scheduled or you are just seeing leaks around old skylights, think about replacing your old skylights with a new color power fresh air skylight. You may even be entitled to a federal tax rebate by installing a Velux fresh air skylight on your Petal MS home.

Another common problem that is so often forgotten when you think you have a roof leak is the water heater. Your water heater can go out, normally you will get five to fifteen years usage from your water heater however they can go bad at any time. Make sure if your water heater is in your attic, like so many are, that you check your overflow pan to see if it is full of water before you think you have a roof leak. If your water heater is leaking, turn the water off immediately and call a plumber.

If you have checked these common problems and would like to schedule a roofing technician to come out asses and repair your roof, fully aware the leak is NOT due to the roofing system there will be a service charge. Please fill out the form below and call the Matlock Roofing office at 601-229-4048. Please check one of the boxes for service. We cannot process and get on your roof without authorization to do so. The below form gives Matlock Roofing permission to come to your home, get on your roof and do an inspection for the leak you called in about. Matlock Roofing will determine the cause of the leak and report to you, the homeowner. No repairs will be done without the proper content-box checked below.

Home Repair with Matlock Roofing & Construction

Matlock Roofing will inspect the reported problem. Matlock Roofing will repair the issue, free of charge, if, under its sole discretion, Matlock Roofing & Construction determine the issue to be warranty related. Non-Warranty repairs performed by Matlock Roofing are based on Matlock Roofing’s visual inspection and investigation of the problem area reported and will be charged based on prevailing wages, plus materials, based on Matlock Roofing’s charge scale. Unless otherwise agreed, Matlock Roofing will only perform a visual inspection, and cannot guarantee that no additional problems will be discovered once repairs begin. The customer acknowledges and understands that after Matlock Roofing commences its work, new or additional problems may be uncovered that were not discovered by Matlock Roofing’s visual inspection and that the price and time to complete the repairs may be increased as a result of such problems. No consequential or related damages, interior or exterior, are covered under any warranty. The customer further acknowledges and agrees that Matlock Roofing & Construction is not responsible for damages or leaks due to existing conditions or existing sources of leakage simply because Matlock Roofing started work or performed repair work.


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