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Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation

By April 9, 2020 June 10th, 2021 No Comments

Proper attic ventilation is critical to the longevity of your roofing system. The importance of proper attic ventilation is an often-overlooked part of your roofing system and a very critical component if you want your roofing shingles to last. In today’s post, Matlock Roofing & Construction, your local Hattiesburg roofing expert, will answer common questions and debunk misconceptions about attic ventilation.  

Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation: More Attic Ventilation is Better

My home feels hot, I want to add more attic ventilation to cool it. This is a very common statement we hear every summer at Matlock Roofing. This is also a common misconception about the importance of proper attic ventilation. More is certainly not always better unless you simply do not have enough to begin with. 

We see it all the time, a homeowner gets attic insulation added to their home and the company that adds the attic insulation covers the air intake vents for the attic. This is going to completely shut down your attic ventilation and literally cook your roofing shingles. 

Not enough or no intake vents is just one problem we see in proper attic ventilation. You need to check and make sure you have soffit or gable end vents. If you see that you have the proper intake vents, check your attic to make sure the intake vents are not covered by attic insulation. If your intake vents are covered, you can have baffles added to get your intake venting back up and going. 

Roof Vents are Not Good for Cold Weather

This is another very common misconception about the importance of proper attic ventilation. We even see some people cover their exhaust vents during the winter. You may have noticed where someone took a plastic trash bag and wrapped it around their wind turbine. This is a very bad practice. Attic exhaust is just as important during the winter as summer. During the winter attic ventilation will keep the moisture down in your attic and help prevent your sheathing, the part of your roof’s decking you see in the attic, from warping. This is something we see often and is called deck deflection. You will notice when looking at your roof, you will see sumps and humps in your roof. This is not because your rafters are set too far apart this is your roof’s decking warping from too much moister. 

Roof Vents Must Be Powered to Work Properly 

This is yet another very common misconception. Many people think they need a power attic vent or a whirly bird, commonly called a wind turbine. The new CertainTeed 12” ridge vent is probably the best attic ventilation system in the roofing industry. This is a silent exhaust system that will never give you any trouble. You just need to make sure your home’s roof is set up for this type of attic ventilation system. In some cases, there may not be enough roof ridge on your home to get the proper amount of ridge vent installed. If this is the case with your home, you may be forced to use power attic vents or wind turbines. You will need a local roofer like Matlock Roofing to assess your roof and let you know if ridge vent is right for your roofing system. 

How much and what kind of attic ventilation does your home need? Call your local Hattiesburg area roofing company, Matlock Roofing & Construction to get a professional assessment of your roofing system.  A reputable roofer can provide you with the expertise and explain the importance of proper attic ventilation.

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