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What Does It Take to Be a Roofer?

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What Does It Take to Be a Roofer? The roofing business is here to stay. This construction industry’s sector has a good perspective since many people look to buy homes in Hattiesburg, MS. So, the chances of getting a job and develop a career as a roofer are high in Mississippi

Are you looking for a hands-on and well-rewarded career? Then, you can become a roofing professional and have a challenging and dynamic job. 

What Does It Take to Be a Roofer?

You will be in a versatile sector. So, you can work either in residential properties or in commercial buildings. Besides, you can get professional training that will place you among the best in your area.

Do you want to know what it takes to be a roofer? Let’s review the required job training and some critical characteristics you should meet to take this career.

What Roofers Do?

Roofers work renovating, repairing, and installing roofing systems. They determine the materials, accessories, and tools needed to execute every work.

Usually, they work at high altitudes using materials such as wooden tiles, slate tiles, asphalt, metallic panels, and nails. They apply these materials to join, seal, insulate, or waterproof sections of roofing structures.

Also, they inspect roofing systems, remove snow or debris, and provide advice about the best repair procedures. 

What Does It Take To Be a Roofer?

Usually, roofers get into this business without formal training. Indeed, it is not obligatory. You will receive the required knowledge and skills through an apprenticeship.

Besides, you should meet the physical requirements of a job like this. You must know that replacing or repairing a roof demands strength and balance.

  • Training and Education:

Generally, roofers obtain their training through on-site work. Yet, individuals that look to get into the roofing business can also access paid apprenticeships and coursework. Getting this formal training is a good idea.

During your learning process, you will get knowledge about these topics:

  1. Safety precautions
  2. How to handle the related equipment and tools
  3. Roofing materials
  4. Complementary components of the roofing system.

Additionally, you can take other courses that will give you a professional edge in the market. Among these courses are:

  1. Mechanical drawing, 
  2. Mathematics, 
  3. Building and construction, 
  4. Blueprint drawing and reading
  5. Customer service
  6. Business management (once you plan to start your own roofing company)

There is a diversity of technical schools providing these kinds of courses.

It can take between one month and one year to acquire the training required. It depends on how complex each roofing work can be. 

In this sense, Owl Guru carried out a survey obtaining that the top five skills and knowledge for a roofer are:

  1. Building and construction
  2. Design
  3. Mathematics
  4. Education and Training
  5. Customer and personal service

Those able to demonstrate vast expertise in these areas will have better chances to get a solid position in this business. Additionally, to become a roofer, there are no specific licenses or certifications required.

  • Personal Traits & Characteristics:

A good roofer must have some particular personality traits.

So, people interested in this work like activities that include practical and straightforward problems and solutions.

Likewise, another survey from Owl Guru tells us that the five most demanded qualities to be a successful roofer are: 

  1. Dependability
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Integrity
  4. Concern for others
  5. Self-control

The purpose of a roofer is to protect and solve others’ problems. In this sense, a good roofer should have basic aptitudes such as listening to others and ask good questions. Thus, he must evaluate different options for solving a problem and figure out the best of them. 

Also, you must ensure to leave the homeowner’s property exactly or even better than you found it.

On the other hand, this work demands some physical fitness and abilities. A good roofer should have a good level of endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Usually, they work tied onto roofs with ropes and harnesses, so these abilities are critical to avoid accidents.

Keep in mind that roofing work implies to be during several hours under weather elements. So, you will be exposed to rain, snow, ice, and heat. This situation requires adaptability, a strong mentality, and courage. If you do not like heights, maybe you should look for another job.

Interested in the Roofing Industry?  

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