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Meet Our Owner David Matlock

David Matlock owner of Matlock Roofing has the experience in the roofing and construction industry to give you the peace of mind you want, need, and deserve when you have need of a roof repair or a new roof installation in Petal MS.

Matlock Roofing is a licensed construction and top roofing company with decades of roofing experience. Matlock Roofing set up shop in Hattiesburg and Petal MS back in 2005.

Matlock Roofing in Petal MS has partnered with the CertainTeed Corporation to bring the Matlock roofing client’s the best and longest new roof warranties in the roofing industry. Matlock is a Select Shingle Master roofing company with CertainTeed, and with this top-level roofing certification by CertainTeed, Matlock can offer up to a 5-year warranty on all new roofs installed. 

With Matlock Roofing and CertainTeed you truly have peace of mind with every new roof. When you Google “best roofing company near me,” Matlock Roofing & Construction will be your first choice!

What roofing services does Matlock Construction & Roofing offer in Petal? 

Roof Repair

The goal of any roof inspection that Matlock Roofing in Petal MS does is to find out where your roof leak or roof problem is as well as what it is. It is very possible that a roof repair is all you need. From a minor roof repair, up to 31% of the cost of a new roof, it is very possible a roof repair is an answer you need, not a new roof. 

Skylights & Roof Windows

At Matlock Roofing in Petal MS, we only handle the very best roofing and roof-related products in the industry. This also goes for skylights. Matlock on uses the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Velux is the only skylights manufacturer in the industry with a 10-year no-leak guarantee. If Matlock installs a Velux skylight with the Velux flashing kit you can get the Velux 10-year no-leak guarantee. Now that is a warranty. 

Attic Insulation

Most people do not realize it, but your attic insulation is actually part of your roofing system. Your roofing shingles, roof ventilation, and attic insulation all work as a system to protect your home. Your attic insulation will not only keep your house cooler and more comfortable it will also help make your roofing shingles last longer. Call Matlock Roofing in Petal MS today and an expert roofer of ours will explain how all your roofing components work together. 


Yes, it is right there in our name, Matlock Roofing. At Matlock Roofing in Petal MS, we even do major construction. At Matlock Roofing we are capable of not only installing a new roof, but we are also capable of building your entire home. With all the experience Matlock Roofing brings to the job site there is no doubt about the great outcome you will have with any roofing or roof-related project. 

Excellent Customer Experience is what we shoot for

At Matlock Roofing in Petal MS the experience you have with us is what matters. At Matlock, we do many things to ensure your experience with us is great. We have produced videos to show you how we build a new roof, how we do a roof repair, provide every new Matlock roofing client with their very own client portal, and make sure you are informed about your roofing project every step of the way. 

These are just a few ways Matlock Roofing in Petal MS does it better. 

Where is Petal MS? 

The area zip code for Petal Mississippi is 39465 with a Lat/Long of Latitude: 31° 20′ 28.80″ N Longitude: -89° 15′ 12.00″ W

The FIPS code for Petal is 28-56800 and the GNIS feature ID is 0675641

Our Petal City Hall website is Cityofpetal.com

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A Little About Our Great City of Petal Mississippi

Petal is a nice size city just outside Hattiesburg Mississippi along the Leaf River in Forrest County. Petal MS geography as of the 2010 census shows a city of about 11,000 people and a landmass of just over 17 square miles. 

Petal MS was actually part of Hattiesburg Mississippi up until 1974 when Petal separated from Hattiesburg. At that time Petal MS was a city of mostly farmers, however over time this has been steadily changing. 

Petal MS is the only city in the United States named Petal. 

Have Question About Your Roofing Project? 

Handy information during a roofing project:

Roofing Pre-Work Checklist

Roofing’s Common Questions 

Roofing Client Portal Provided by Matlock

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Roofing Petal (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for a Petal Mississippi Roofing Contractor 

Do you do roof repairs in Petal? 

Yes, at Matlock Roofing we love doing roof repairs. Doing roof repairs is just one more way Matlock separates itself from other roofers in the HattiesburgSumrallPurvis, and Petal MS area.

Do you install metal roofs in Petal?

Yes, we install shingle roofs as well as metal roofing. We suggest 26-gauge metal on any roof we do. The 26-gauge is a stronger metal and will give you better service over time. 

How long should one of your roof repairs last? 

That all depends on the type of repair done. Some repairs like a plumbing pipe boot will last for decades if we use a bullet boot. The materials that are on the roof new will have some effect on the repair we do if it is say a valley replacement. We can replace the valley but the material around the valley will still have age to it, so in some cases, some repairs may not last as long as others. 

Do you do skylight repairs? 

Yes, in some cases a simple skylight repair will be all you will need. In many other cases, you will probably need a new skylight. At Matlock Roofing in Petal MS, we only install the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Velux skylights have the industry’s longest warranties. When we use the Velux flashing kit you can get a 10-year no-leak guarantee from Velux.

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