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Matlock Roofing & The Equipter

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What is the Equipter Roofing Debris Removal System?


The Equipter new roof no mess debris removal system is by far the most innovative roofing device introduced to the roofing industry in many years. With Matlock Roofing & the Equipter, this one unique and smart machine will help our crews keep your lawn, flowerbeds & landscaping cleaner and safer during your new roof installation. 

The Equipter is a unique trailer in that it is motorized, controlled by hydraulics, and lightweight. Our Matlock Roofing teams will drive this new machine right up to your home, the hydraulic lift bed will lift right up to your roof’s edge, so more debris from the roof goes directly into this trailer. Once we have the Equipter full of debris, we drive it right up to our larger trailer and dump the old roofing shingles and debris in. This eliminates dragging tarps loaded with old roofing shingles and nails around your yard, keeping yet more roofing debris out of your grass. It sounds simple & with the Equipter it really is. These two simple actions save time and keep your lawn cleaner throughout the entire new residential roof installation process. 


Matlock Roofing & The Equipter: The Homeowner Benefits

The benefits to you, our homeowner will be immediate & apparent. The very first thing you will notice is a cleaner work area around your home. Some of the hidden benefits are a faster job. We will be in and out of your home faster. A faster job helps you get your lawn back even quicker. We will be gone from your home in many cases before your evening barbeque.


What Tasks Does the Equipter Do?



The very first thing the Equipter does is bring in the roofing equipment to the job site. Once we get everything set up around your home, the Equipter will help remove all the old roofing shingles, felt, and roofing nails. After we get you your old roofing debris removed and have our clean roof deck to work with, the Equipter goes to work helping with your new roof installation. 

Here at Matlock Roofing, we load your new shingles into the Equipter and it lifts your roofing materials right up to your deck. This helps keep men from needing to walk up a ladder with your new shingles. 


Your New Roofing System

At Matlock Roofing & Construction we are always looking for ways to make your roofing experience with us better. We care so much about you as our client and your property that we have invested in this new incredible roofing device called the Equipter. Matlock Roofing & Construction is fully committed to you, and you having a superior experience with us from start to finish with your roofing or home improvement project. Call Matlock Roofing today for your new Hattiesburg MS roofing project and let our professional project managers show you this great roofing machine. 

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