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 Interviewing A Roofer

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 Interviewing A Roofer

Here is what to expect when interviewing a roofer from Matlock Roofing. In general, those claiming to be “residential roofing professionals” are highly qualified and experienced contractors who will perform an excellent job fixing or replacing your roof. However, the roofing sector has its share of rotten apples that tarnish the image of reputable professionals. 


Are you planning to hire a residential roofing professional? Be aware of the warning signs to avoid working with an unreliable contractor.

The Matlock Roofing team is here to help you safeguard your house and any future roofing investments you make. We’ll offer you guidance to help you choose reputable residential roofing contractors. 

In this sense, we bring you a list of nine red signs to look out for when interviewing a roofer.

  1. They have no work history in your community

Every business needs to start someplace. Besides, some roofers with no local history may be legitimate. However, far too many of them are not authentic. 

Many people claim to be roofing professionals and start-up businesses in the devastated area in the storm’s aftermath. They look to attract as many “customers” as possible. But, in most cases, they are unlicensed, uninsured, and untrained.

With low rates and emotional pleas, they prey on those homeowners shaken by disasters. So, be careful of anyone who does not have a history in the community, especially if they want payment up ahead.

  1. Strong sales pressure

A reputable residential roofing contractor may strive to clinch the deal. But it will also respect your decision and urge you to get bids from other roofers. To be on the safe side, avoid interviewing a roofer who makes you feel uncomfortable or disrespectful in any way.

  1. There is no customer recommendations or references

Prior customers’ opinions are the best form of promotion for a professional residential roofing specialist. So, asking to talk with a reference is a good idea. Are not they able to show one? Turn around and go the other way!

  1. No digital trace 

It is possible to run into a trustworthy roofer who doesn’t have a website or has an outdated one. However, the great majority of roofers have a digital footprint these days. So, if you can’t discover anything about them online, this might be a hint that they’re a fly-by-night roofer.

  1. Doubtful documentation 

Be wary of anyone who claims to be a roofing professional without the proper certificates, licenses, and insurance. Likewise, do not trust him if the paperwork appears to be faked. 

By hiring these roofers, you will put yourself at risk of receiving subpar service. Besides, any work performed on your house by an unlicensed or uninsured contractor would violate your warranty and insurance coverages.

  1. It arrives just as a hailstorm is about to hit

After hail or heavy storms, door-knocking isn’t always a bad sign, but it may be. Some “roofers” are often storm chasers who emerge after significant damage has been done to a location. 

Thus, before you sign anything, make sure you have researched the people who come to your door.

  1. The estimate is much lower than other estimates

It is a massive red flag if one estimate is much lower than the others you’ve received. Most respectable home roofing professionals will come up with similar figures. Therefore, any time the score is lower than expected, it is important to investigate why. 

  1. Roofers who accept only cash

When interviewing a roofer, avoid a contractor that refuses to cooperate with your insurance or give you financing options. These individuals are likely to operate illegally. So, to protect themselves, they prefer to do all their business transactions in cash.

  1. Damage Not Reported in Other Estimates

A roofing estimate mentioning problems that no other roofing expert has discovered previously is a bad indicator. Possibly, the previous contractors with whom you spoke didn´t see the damage. But this person may also be exaggerating any findings to charge you more money. That’s why getting several quotes from various roofers is necessary.

Final Thoughts on Interviewing A Roofer

You might be a little freaked out by these red flags, but that’s not our purpose! We want to help our clients make educated decisions regarding their roofs and houses. At Matlock Roofing, our mission is to spread as much valuable information as possible.

You can count on our staff to work on your roof if you live in Sumrall, Petal, Hattiesburg, or Purvis, MS. Contact Matlock Construction & Roofing today at 601-299-4048.

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