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What Should I Look for on a Roofing Estimate?

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Are you wondering what should I look for on a roofing estimate? Matlock Roofing is here to answer your question! Making sure the contractor you hire is legit is the best way to ensure that you don’t run into any problems on your project. One of the best ways to do this is through a detailed and thorough job proposal that outlines everything you need to know about the job being done on your roof.


A roofing contractor should provide you with a detailed job proposal that has these 9 items. Having all these items in a single document will give you peace of mind about your roof repair or replacement project. If any of them are missing from the proposal talk to your contractor and make sure they’re included so you can feel confident in the service your contractor is providing.

Roof Type 

A proposal provides all the details of your roof and how it will be installed. This includes information such as manufacturer, color, shingle arrangement, pitch and more. This is to ensure that the estimate provided matches what’s being done on your home and allows you to compare these numbers to the quote provided by this company.

Roofing Materials 

Roofing materials are one of the biggest factors in determining your roof’s lifetime and long-term value. At the very least, we recommend that a project proposal include everything you need to know about the material type being used, underlayment, Ice and Water shield, right down to nails.  Not only does a good job proposal outline all the different types of material being used, but it also outlines whether those materials are compatible with one another and have been tested for quality assurance. 

Scope of Work 

The scope of work to be done should list the agreed upon items and a detailed description of how these will be completed. It is important to know what the approved scope of work is to ensure that a job gets done properly. 


This is a very important part of your contract because if it’s not stated clearly then there is no time limit to when the job needs to be completed by. You should ensure that this part of the contract specifies when work will begin and when it will end. You may want to include dates for inspections too so that both parties can always keep track of progress.

Payment Terms 

Make sure that these are included in your contract too so there are no misunderstandings later down the road (especially if you’re paying out of pocket). You’ll want a clear breakdown of what percentage of the payment is due upon signing, another amount after inspection or approval by the insurance company, another payment once materials are purchased and ready for installation.

People Responsible

If you are hiring a contractor to do work on your roof, then as the homeowner it’s very important to make sure that it is written into the contract what company will be responsible for any damage that may occur during the job. For example, if while working on your roof one of the workers accidentally breaks a window, they should be responsible for fixing this before finishing. Make sure to read this section very carefully before signing anything and make sure the contact is written in an ethical manner.

Installation Method 

Roof installation methods vary depending on the type of roof being installed. Some roofs are installed using different fastening methods and some shingles may require a special taping technique. If you have an issue with your roof in the future, you will want to be sure that you know exactly what methods were used during installation. This way, if a leak is found, for example, it can be easily determined whether it was due to improper installation. 

What Should I Look for on a Roofing Estimate?

Before you sign, make sure that you’ve thoroughly read through your contractor’s estimate. Some contractors add costs that don’t always make sense or aren’t even necessary. Whether you’re financing the new roof with your homeowner’s insurance or paying for it out of pocket, you want to make sure that the final cost is as close to the estimate as possible.  

Type and Length of Warranty 

It’s good to prepare for things to go wrong after construction is complete. The warranty section of our customer contract can help you understand what kind of protection you have if a problem arises.  The labor warranty protects you from faulty workmanship or installation covered by the warranty, whereas the manufacturer’s warranty protects you in case of defects or damage caused by faulty materials. 

Matlock Makes Any Roofing Project Easy with Detailed & Thorough Proposals 

Whenever you are ready to decide about your next roofing project, Matlock makes it easy for you to do so with our detailed and thorough proposal. We take the time to make sure that everything in our job proposals is accurate and to your liking, so that you know what to expect when it comes time to getting started. Matlock Roofing and Construction services areas in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, Petal, Purvis, and New Albany, MS. No matter where you are located, you can obtain a roof service quote by calling 601-299-4048. Call Matlock Roofing for quality and prompt service!

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