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Can I Do a Roof Inspection Myself? 

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Can I do a roof inspection myself from Matlock Construction & Roofing. Let’s be honest – when we think about home maintenance, we often forget the most important part of our home – our roof. Well, you’re not alone. Roofing problems such as roof leaks are responsible for most of the water damage in our homes. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to conduct professional roofing inspections every six months and after every extreme weather event.

Before getting your roof inspected by professionals, it makes sense to gain some knowledge of your roofing system and perform a visual inspection yourself. This will give you some idea about what the professionals should look for and whether they will address your roofing problems effectively. 


By performing an inspection of some of the parts of your roof yourself, you can determine if you can perform any repairs yourself i.e. if you have the required tools and experience. Alternatively, you can include these repair jobs in your regular maintenance program and let the experts handle them for you.

Can I Do a Roof Inspection Myself?? 

A roof inspection starts with a comprehension assessment of the whole roof. Professionals use technologies like aerial photography and CAD drawings to closely inspect every part of the roof. CAD drawings can give you a good idea about the structure and design of the roof without climbing up. If you are experienced in roofing jobs, you can easily know the most damage-prone areas of a roof by simply looking at the CAD drawings. Professionals usually highlight the damaged areas once they’re done with the direct inspection. These areas need more attention than the others. 

After thoroughly assessing the roof, professionals use specialized tools to perform the next steps. They will consider your roof’s age, layers, pitch, and composition to determine the source of roofing issues you’re dealing with. In this step, professionals use infrared imaging technology to examine the underlying parts of your roof. This technology allows roofers to detect any underlying damage without causing any structural harm to your roof.

While it is not difficult to buy the expensive equipment needed to thoroughly inspect your roof, we recommend performing only the visual inspections and leaving these specialized tasks to skilled and experienced professionals. The roofing issues detected by visual inspections can be fixed easily either by replacing or repairing the damaged parts. 

In general, the following parts/areas are examined:

  • The visual appearance of the roof
  • Roof field condition
  • Surface condition
  • Insulation condition
  • Coping
  • Base and counter flashing
  • Metal flashing
  • Drip edge/fascia
  • Parapet wall
  • Pipe flashing
  • Equipment housing
  • Equipment base flashing
  • Roof vents and pipe
  • Pitch pans
  • Expansion joints
  • Drainage components
  • Decking
  • Skylights

Keep an Eye Out for the Following Signs of Roofing Damage

  • Flat Commercial Roof with Open Laps
  • Wrinkling Flashing and Membrane
  • Punctured Base Flashing on the Roof
  • Flashing Wrinkling or Ridging on a Commercial Roof
  • Disconnected Coping 
  • Presence Of Rust on Counter Flashing Surface 
  • Damaged Pipe Flashing 
  • Damaged Drip Edge, Fascia, and Soffit 
  • Damaged Base Flashing Equipment
  • Deteriorated Metal Fascia 
  • Backed out Expansion Joints or on a Commercial Roof
  • Deteriorated Downspouts and other Drainage Components
  • Missing or backed out Fasteners 
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Moist Insulation 
  • Cracked or Damaged Skylight Dome
  • Damaged Metal Deck
  • Unwanted Vegetation on the Roof
  • Damaged Bar Joist 
  • Coating Deterioration 
  • Panel Holes due to Rust 


So, can you inspect these parts yourself? Well, it depends. If you’re experienced, you won’t find any difficulty in conducting a visual inspection. We recommend performing a self-roofing inspection after every extreme weather event. It should be an important part of your roofing maintenance schedule.

Any self-inspection can’t replace a thorough professional inspection. Therefore, make sure to get your roof inspected professionally at least twice a year. Studies have shown that homeowners who invest in professional roofing inspections make more savings in the long run. Additionally, self-inspections and professional inspections can help you increase the lifespan and improve the performance of your roof significantly.

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