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Learn About the Integrity Roof System

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Learn About the Integrity Roof System

Learn about the Integrity roof system from Matlock Roofing. You may not realize there’s more to consider than just the cost and the color of shingles when you need to replace your roof, or you plan to invest down the road.


Most homeowners wait until it’s too late before they seriously consider replacing their whole roof system. Don’t put off replacing your roof if it is needed.

The Whole Roof System

It’s crucial to understand that your home’s roof is a system that works together to keep the elements at bay. Often, homeowners are unaware that the manufacturer designed and tested brand components to work together. This way, your roof gets the most benefit from every component.

When you choose a whole roof system brand such as Integrity Roof System, you can be sure to get:

  1. Product consistency and quality from the manufacturer
  2. Installing products according to tried-and-true standards
  3. The best quality and warranty in the industry

Manufacturing Consistency

There are many components to a roof system, including:

  • Ventilation
  • Shingles
  • Flashing
  • Underlayment
  • Ice and Water Barriers
  • Drip Edge
  • Deck

An individual’s roof is protected by shingles. A high-quality shingle and starter shingle are designed for better tear-off and impact resistance. In addition, they can make your home appear more attractive. With eco-friendly options, you can even save more on energy costs.

Remember, shingles are only as good as the underlayment attached to them. Diamond Deck underlayment protects your roof deck by working with your shingles.

Waterproof underlayment’s like WinterGuard protect vulnerable areas like eaves and valleys. In addition to creating effective ice and water barriers, these products can be installed with Integrity Roof Systems.

Vents for your ridge and eaves provide ventilation while matching your roof’s aesthetics. Ventilating your roof keeps it cool and makes it last longer.

In addition, accessories such as hip and ridge caps give your roof a seamless aesthetic and allow you to use ridge vents for your home.

When any one of these components fails early, your roof may be seriously damaged. Because of this, you need high-quality roofing products from a manufacturer who guarantees their work.

Installation Standards of Excellence

Installing a product correctly is equally important when it comes to its performance. Most shingle companies have warranties void if an installation is not performed according to their specifications. Why?

The manufacturer has tested various installation methods to ensure that their published methods give the best results.

They can’t guarantee the quality of their product if you ignore the installation instructions. Because labor is expensive and many companies do not warranty their labor, you don’t want to be the victim of this!

So how do you know that your installation won’t be botched?

Some manufacturers train their installers to ensure that contractors install and use their products. Quality contractors like Matlock Roofing can earn the Master Shingle Applicator certification through CertainTeed’s Master Shingle Applicator training programs.

When Matlock Roofing is a SELECT ShingleMasterTM Installer (only given to 1% of roofers nationwide!), you can be sure it has been trained by the manufacturer.

It ensures that your roof will survive the warranty period with a proven, product-specific installation.

Product Performance and Warranty

Product performance is the most important factor when you invest in a new roof. Therefore, Matlock Roofing choses to offer the Integrity Roof System, consisting of complementary, high-performance components.

Our goal is to pass on to every homeowner we serve the benefits of a high-quality, whole roof system and installation.

As a result of the Master Shingle Applicator training program, we have maximized our product knowledge. Further, Matlock Roofing provides homeowners with the SureStart PLUS program, extending the warranty to 50 years and non-prorated. Right! We guarantee your new roof for 50 years, including labor!

Are you looking for a lifetime warranty on a whole roof system? For more information on how Matlock Roofing in Petal, Purvis, Sumrall, and Hattiesburg, MS can help you with your roof replacement, give us a call today at 601-299-4048.

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