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How to Find the Best Looking Roof for Your Home

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How to find the best looking roof for your home starts right here at Matlock Roofing in Hattiesburg, MS. What is the right shingle for my home? Many homeowners have asked themselves this question. And it has the sense to ask it. After all, that shingles will be on your roof for a long time! Thus, choosing your new shingle style is a big deal.

Fortunately, many texture combinations, styles, and hundreds of colors are available today.

How to Find the Best Looking Roof for Your Home

In all cases, it depends on your home, your climate, and your personal taste. However, Matlock Roofing brings you some tools and tips to guide you on how to select the right aesthetic for your roof. 

3 helpful tools for choosing your new roof style

Shingle Samples — check them out!

Use your roofing contractor’s shingle samples. Hold the shingles up to the outside of your home to get a good idea of how your new roof will look. Try this at different moments of the day and during different light levels so you can see all of the tones. Besides, you can see the individual granule colors when looking at shingles up close. Actually, you’ll never see that detail from the ground. 

Sometimes roofing contractors mention other nearby homes with the same style of shingles you want, so go, and see how they look.

Online Design Tools

Online design tools allow you to apply colors to virtual homes. Therefore, you can evaluate color options.

Some sites even let you upload your own pictures. This way, you’ll get a more realistic view of how the shingles you like could look. 

For example, CertainTeed offers six different online design tools. You can take advantage of them to have an idea about the look of your new roof. 

Photo Galleries

Most roofing companies and shingle manufacturers offer website galleries. But, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, an Internet search always helps. Also, many homeowners use platforms like Pinterest to get ideas.

3 more new roof aesthetic tips to keep in mind

Consider the color of your home’s brick or stonework first

Brick and stonework are the most permanent elements of any home. Replacing or upgrading many other elements of your house is relatively easy. So compare the shingles you’re thinking to choose with your current stonework. The idea is to find the color that complements your stone or brick.

Some colors and styles don’t fit together. You wouldn’t install a green roof on a red brick home in a traditional neighborhood. In this sense, neutral-colored shingles are often a good place to start.

Complement with shingle color

Angie’s List recommends not choosing a shingle color very similar to the rest of your home’s exterior. Do you have gray siding?

Then, a gray roof may merge with the siding color creating a monotone look. Instead, try to balance the color of your brick or siding.

For instance, if your home’s exterior has a bright red color, a neutral tone in your roof will round your home look. Likewise, if you have a light-colored brick or siding, a colorful shingle will add the pop of color that your home requires.

Roof aesthetics go beyond color

Shingle style is also an important factor to consider. You should select a style that harmonizes with your architectural home style.

A colonial-style home will look better with a dark-colored slate-style shingle, more period-appropriate. Similarly, a brown or gray shake style shingle will properly complement a rustic style home. 

Roof Aesthetics with Matlock Roofing

So, another fantastic way to find the best curb appeal for your home is by asking for ideas from a professional roofing contractor. This is especially true when your creativity just doesn’t want to flow.

Therefore, if you need a new roof, let’s talk! We have seen many different styles of homes and roofs! 

Our experienced team can help you find the style and color that complement your home. So, you will enjoy your roof and the way it looks, for 30 years and beyond.

Check out our Matlock Roofing showcase or call us today at 601-299-4048 to see some samples in Hattiesburg, MS.

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