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How Long Does a Roof Last?

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How Long Does a Roof Last? It is always not obvious when you would require a new roof. The reasons are various as it could be ceiling leaks or missing shingles. Usually, there are two types of shingles; one is the 3-tab simple shingle which can last for 25 years, and then there are architectural shingles that can last for 50 years. However, roofs like slate or tile may not need a roof replacement for even decades. 

So now a question might arise that how long does a roof last actually? The answer is not that simple as it depends on the type of roof, the quality of the roofing materials and the installation process. Let’s have a better look at it.

How Long Does a Roof Last?

The lifespan of different types of Roofs

Roofs can last up to 70 years if they remain storm-free, such as 3-tab shingles, and can be as long-lasting as 15-20 years if they remain free of severe storms. Weather, proper installation, and the roofing material can all affect the longevity of a roof. Some of the roofing material types and their estimated lifespans are listed below.

Asphalt Shingles

The might come regarding the lifespan of a shingle roof. The answer is related to its installation and also to the weather conditions. If the roof is affected less by the storms then it can typically last between 15 and 30 years. They are one of the most common roofing material types which are currently being used in the United States and the main reason for their popularity is their affordable prices.

Wood Shingles

There are such shingles which are made up of wood instead of asphalt and these shingles can last up to 30 years if they are properly maintained. However, as compared to other types of shingles, they require more maintenance. These shingles are made up of cedar because it is naturally resistant to insect so it won’t rot that easily.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles roofing is one of the effective roofing materials and it can last around 50 years easily. However, they are quite expensive as they can cost hundreds of dollars per square, but you won’t have to replace the roof soon. They are also low maintenance and they come with a 30-year warranty.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are long-lasting and it is no joke that they can last around 70 years if maintained properly. If a person gets a metal roof on their house, they won’t have to replace it anytime soon and they can spend their money with complete trust on these roofs. However, metal roofs are a bit expensive and the quality of the metal also defines the durability.

Factors that influence a Roof’s Lifespan


The quality of the material is the real deal in making the difference when it comes to the longevity of the roof.  Most of the homes have asphalt shingles because they are affordable and they also look good. However, many other options can be considered. Most of these options are expensive, such as wood, slate and tile.


Roofing underlayment is the next layer above the deck and it is water-resistant or waterproof material. Underlayment is present in all of the roofing material and it offers an extra layer of protection against snow and rain. If you are adding an extra layer to the underlayment, it will enhance the lifetime of your roof.


Ventilation is one of the most important components that have an impact on the lifespan of the roof. A well-vented attic can save the roof and the wall of the house. In the winter, a ventilated roof keeps snow from melting and ice dams from forming. A well-ventilated attic helps prevent your roofing material from getting too hot and moist, which leads to rot.


The installation process of roofing material matters a lot. If the roof is properly installed that means it will last for a longer time as it won’t allow moisture to come inside the deck. But if it is not installed properly, it will damage the roof.

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