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Guide for Patching a Leaky Roof

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Here is a guide for patching a leaky roof from Matlock Roofing. For most homeowners, one of the worst nightmares is a leaky roof. On the other hand, you can repair most minor leaks without the help of a roofing professional. 

Do you want to learn how to repair your roof on your own? Well, you will need the necessary equipment and expertise to get the job done right. 

Moreover, do not forget to take the safety measures that a risky job like roofing demands.


Find out all you need to know by reading on.

Leakage Factors to Consider

Repairing your leaky roof begins with determining the source of the leak. Do you want to figure out where the problem is? The following typical problems lead to leaks on roofs and should be on your radar.

  • Roof edge flashing that is weakened or damaged 
  • Fractured or damaged roof vents
  • Worn out plumbing boot vents
  • Shingles with small holes or tears
  • Missing or loose shingles

To discover the cause of your leak, start in the attic and look for places where water may filter into your home. Then, on your roof’s outside, work your way upward from the water entry point until you locate the leak’s source. 

Remind that water can travel quite a distance beneath your shingles or flashing before entering your home’s interior. So, don’t give up if you don’t find the leak quickly.

Patching Your Leak 

  • Repairing Damaged Flashing

One of the most common and easiest to fix causes of roof leaks is flashing damage. 

To begin, pinpoint the exact location of the damaged flashing. Verify for corrosion, missing or flashing, or gaps between the flashing and the wall itself.

Once you have discovered where the leak is coming from, you have two options:

  1. Using sealant: This choice is best for small holes and gaps.
  2. Replace the flashing: it is necessary for more extensive damage.

Dust out the affected area using a stiff brush to ensure the hole will be completely sealed. After that, generously apply the sealant to the leak and let it cure.

Flashing replacement is a little more complex. But it is not difficult! 

Pry up the shingles covering the flashing with a pry bar. Then, remove the damaged flashing. Re-install the flashing and re-seal the top edge with a fresh piece. You may have to pry up your siding to fit the flashing’s upper lip into place. 

Later, replace the old shingles with new ones, installing them with new roofing nails. Before completing the project, double-check that everything is in its proper location.

  • Repairing Damaged Shingles

Here is a step-by-step method for fixing minor shingle leaks. 

The first step is to locate the leak.

Inspect your roof and gutters for indications of wear, such as curling shingles and extra grit on the roof and gutters. Also, do not repair a broken or missing shingle using shingle patches or sealants. Remind that most of the time, shingle roofs require a complete replacement. 

Make sure you don’t harm the underlayment when prying them up with your pry bar. Then, slip the new shingle into position by lifting the bottom edge of the shingle above. Trim it to the desired length and secure it in place with roofing nails driven halfway through.

Be sure to apply a little quantity of roofing sealant or cement to and around each nail head before you finish hammering the nails in place. Next, complete the nailing process and press the shingle’s upper edge against the new shingle.

  • Damaged Roof and Plumbing Boot Vents

Frequently, roof and boot vents are the sources of leaks. 

The most common source of leaks at roof vents is a deterioration of the flashing. In these cases, all you need to do is follow the instructions above to fix the flashing.

Also, you may need to replace broken gaskets, seals, or even the complete vent piece sometimes. Keep an eye out for corrosion, cracks, and other signs of damage to the vent. Likewise, it is better to prevent subsequent leaks by replacing any element showing signs of water intrusion. 

Besides, you can use screws instead of nails to fasten down ventilation vents. Compared to roofing nails, these screws are less likely to leak and are easier to remove and replace.

Let Professionals Repair Your Roof Leaks 

Roof repair is not always as straightforward as the examples given above. 

To get a roof examination, 

Does your roof have more significant damage? Don’t feel comfortable trying to fix it yourself? Please, call Matlock Roofing and Construction now at 601-299-4048

Repairing your leaking roof and keeping you and your loved ones safe are two of our top priorities. We service areas in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, Petal, and Purvis, MS.

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