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Reasons You Need to Repair a Leaky Roof Fast

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Reasons you need to repair a leaky roof fast from Matlock Roofing. Do you have a leaking roof? This is something you should not ignore. Your ceilings may get ugly water stains and discoloration. However, this issue is not the worst consequence you will have to worry about. 

Besides causing health issues to your family, a leaky roof can also cause structural damage, leading to your home collapsing. 

Thus, detecting a leak in your roof as soon as possible might be the difference between finding out about the problem in time and not. What if you could know something was wrong before you noticed a drip of water? 


How to Know If Your Roof is Leaking

A leaky roof is more frequent than you would believe, whether it is because your roof has deteriorated over time or because of storm damage. Hurricane caused more than $200 million in damage to the roofs of companies, homes, and apartment complexes in the United States in 2017.

So, it is time to call a professional if you suspect a leak but don’t know for sure that your roof is leaking. Yet, you can determine whether your roof is leaking through several signs. Among these symptoms is damage to your flashing, discoloration, and deformed shingles. 

Let’s review the ways your roof may talk to you about its health:

Distorted Shingles

Shingles deformation is one of the first signs that indicate that your roof has problems. This issue includes warping and twisting. As soon as water seeps into a section of your roof, you should require a professional inspection for leaks and deterioration.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is used to cover corners and joints since these are points susceptible to water intrusion. It is possible to tell whether water has entered your home through the corners of your roof if you notice fractures or breaks in the flashing.


It is a solid bet that your roof has leaks if you find that your ceiling is discolored or stained. You may not notice it immediately. At first, you only could see a faint shadow when looking up at the ceiling. But, this stain will deepen and perhaps alter its color with time.

Damp Walls

After a rainstorm, your home’s walls will be a little damp. This seems to be obvious, right? Nevertheless, the water should not penetrate your walls! If you detect moss or mold developing on them, interior water damage is probable. Besides, external walls may be moist if your roof has been leaking. 

What you should do when discovering moisture on exterior walls? It is a good idea to inspect the gutters above the walls. If your drainage is free of blockage and there is nothing wrong with it, you may need the help of a roofing professional to spot a possible leak.

Lost Shingles

Water might enter your home if shingles fall from your roof. This may occur everywhere. But, it is more likely in locations where storms and heavy winds are common. It does not matter what the cause of the damage is. Water can get into your roof for many reasons, including hurricanes, hail, or strong winds. 

Side-Effects of not Fixing a Leaking Roof Immediately

A metal, tile, or slate roof will endure longer than an asphalt shingle roof. That is true. However, regardless of the type of roof you have, none of them will last indefinitely. So, when your roof begins to leak, you have two options: get it fixed immediately away or put up with it for longer.

By now, a bucket to catch the drips is going to cost more than replacing your roof. Yet, in the long term, repairing your roof will mean significant savings for you. If you let the problem scale, you will face grave home structure issues by don’t get your roof fixed as soon as possible.

Repairs Get More Expensive

Do you want to avoid costly repairs later? Then, make sure to get the leak repaired as soon as possible. You will not heal an infected wound by only applying a bandage on it. Indeed, it will get worse. With your roof will occur the same.

Increased Chance of Mold Growth

The presence of water in your home structure is never a good sign. If your roof leaks and the inside of your home becomes damp, mold and mildew will thrive. 

Additionally, bugs are drawn to the funk, which might cause even more problems in the future.

Entire Roof System is Weakened

The more time your roof stays soaked, the more damage it will suffer. Along with the absence of drying time, a little damp area will only develop bigger and softer. Thus, it will inflict further damage to the rest of the roof in its path. 

Possibly, a simple repair will escalate into a complete roof replacement.

Structural Damage

That small leak advanced and grew. Now, your home’s walls are vulnerable to water damage. Moreover, your roof is in a similar situation and is already decaying. This might lead to an unsafe living condition if your ceiling has damp areas close to a wall. Over time, it can absorb the excess of water. 

Experts in the Roof Repair Sector

Whether you discover the damage right away or it takes some time, only an expert should repair your roof. They have the necessary training, experience, and skill. Moreover, they have the necessary equipment to get the task done. Hence, only a professional should handle the roof and structure of your home rather than attempt on your own.

Hiring a roofing expert is a good idea because:

• They have a team of experts to carry out the job swiftly and properly.

• Most roofing companies will complete the work in a short time because of their hectic schedule.

• Their work will stand the test of time since they use high-quality materials and skilled craftsmen.

Are you worried about the expense of repairs to your roof? Call Matlock Roofing & Construction now. They can come to inspect the damage and provide you with an estimate.

Contact us now at 601-299-4048 if you have a leaky roof. We service Sumrall, Petal, Hattiesburg, and Purvis, MS. We will fix it promptly! Don’t let the worry of the cost of your roof’s repair keep you from getting it fixed soon. 

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