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Who Is Matlock Roofing & Construction?

Matlock Roofing got its start in northern Mississippi in the Ripley and Tupelo areas around 1992. David Matlock is the owner and also handles the day to day operations of the roofing company. David moved the company to the Hattiesburg area just a couple of weeks after hurricane Katrina and has been in operation in the Purvis, Hattiesburg, Sumrall, and Petal areas ever since.

Along with owning a roofing and construction business, David is also a licensed Home Builder, licensed by the State of Mississippi as well as many municipalities throughout Mississippi. David is also an approved builder by the VA, FHA, USDA and a member of the Bonded Builder Warranty Group. In addition to all this construction experience, David is also a Certified Roofing Contractor and a licensed Mississippi Home Inspector certified by the International Code Council. 

If you are in need of a Purvis Mississippi roofer for emergency roof repair call an expert roofer at Matlock Roofing now!

There is nothing worse than being at home in rain & windstorm and all of a sudden, your roof starts to leak. The Purvis Mississippi area gets hammered all the time with high winds, tornados, and massive rains. This can be really hard on your roof. Call David Matlock of Matlock Roofing in Purvis Mississippi to get nearly 30-years of roofing experience on your roof. 

David Matlock is an expert roofer and has tons of experience as well as general construction. Matlock Roofing, a Purvis Mississippi roofer, will serve you with a roof repair and inspect any damage that may have happened during the roof leak like wet insulation, sheetrock work, and stained ceilings. 

Our top roofing company, Matlock Roofing, the main office is in Purvis Mississippi at 4738 Old Hwy 11 Purvis, Mississippi 39475. However, we service the SumrallPetalHattiesburg, and surrounding areas of Lamar and Forrest Counties. 

Purvis Mississippi Roofer: Services We Offer

Roof repair

In many cases, we can do a simple roof repair to your Purvis Mississippi home and get you many more years of good service out of your current roofing system. It may take a larger roof repair, but the main goal is if we can stay under 31% of the cost of a new roof, we can keep you under the same roof you have now. If not, you can discuss a new roof with your Pervis Mississippi roofer at Matlock Roofing. 

New Roof Installation

If it is time for a new roof or a roof repair that did not solve the roofing issues you may need a new roof. A Purvis Mississippi roofer at Matlock Roofing has nearly 30-years of construction and new roof installation experience. Matlock Roofing is a Shingle Master roofing contractor with The CertainTeed Corporation. Being a Shingle Master with CertainTeed allows Matlock to offer you longer warranties for your new roof than any other roofer in the Hattiesburg and Purvis Mississippi area. 

Skylight Repair & New Skylight Installation

Old leaky skylights can be another huge roofing problem. At Matlock Roofing in Purvis Mississippi, we have done many skylight repairs. In many cases, the older skylights are just past their useful service life and it will be time for a new skylight. If this is the case with your leaky skylight Matlock will suggest the new Velux 10-year no-leak guarantee skylight. Even if your older skylights are not leaking, you may not be able to see out of them very well. The older skylights in many to most cases will cloud up and be hard to see through. This defeats the purpose of even having a skylight.

Try a new Velux skylight or sun tunnel and get more light in your home. Not only can you get more light with a Velux skylight you can have fresh air as well as natural lighting from the sun. This is the best of both worlds. Allow our Pervis Mississippi roofer at Matlock Roofing to install or repair your skylights! 

Attic Insulation 

There is no better time to get more attic insulation for your home than during a new roof installation. According to the DOE, Department of Energy over 90% of homes in America are under-insulated costing homeowners thousands of extra dollars a year in heating and cooling bills. If you are having Matlock Roofing in Purvis Mississippi install a new roof, ask our Purvis Mississippi roofer at Matlock Roofing about new blown-in attic insulation by Owens Corning. Adding more attic insulation could save you thousands each year and make your home more comfortable. 

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A Little About Our Great City of Purvis

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Purvis Mississippi is located in Lamar County. If you are interested the coordinates for Purvis are 31°8′33″N 89°24′28″W. Purvis Mississippi is not a particularly large city and as of the 2010 census, the population was around 2,200 people. 

Purvis Mississippi is part of the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Statistical Area. The town of Purvis Mississippi was incorporated way back on February 25, 1888, and was founded by Thomas Melville Purves. Our area zip code for Purvis and Lamar County is 39475 and our FIPS code 28-60480 & GNIS feature ID 0676427. Lamar became a county on February 19, 1904, in house bill 166 and was formed from the second Judicial District of Marion County.

Purvis Mississippi had humble beginnings as a sawmill town and has grown as most small United States towns into what we call a great home.

Purvis MS Roofer

Purvis Mississippi Roofer: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of Your Purvis Mississippi Roofer

Do You Service Hattiesburg or Just Purvis? 

Yes, we service Hattiesburg even though our main office is in Purvis Mississippi. Hattiesburg, Petal, and Sumrall are very close to us and we service all of these areas with full roofing services.

How Long Should A Roof Repair Last?  

It all depends on the type of roof repair you have done. The length of time a roof repair lasts may be due to the roofing materials around the repaired area and not the repair itself at all. If you have a plumbing pipe boot repaired and Our Purvis Mississippi roofer will use a new bullet boot pipe jack, that repair will last for decades however, the area around the repair will still have the original age to it. So, it is hard to answer that question without first doing a thorough roof inspection first. 

Do You Repair Skylights or Just Install New Ones? 

If it makes sense to do a skylight repair, our Purvis Mississippi roofer certainly will. In some cases, the skylight will be so old it just makes much more sense to do a skylight replacement rather than a skylight repair. When we do our initial roof inspection, we will discuss all roofing-related options with you. 

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