Hattiesburg Skylights and Roof Windows

If you find yourself with leaky skylights or if you just have old skylights and it’s time to replace them with new skylights Matlock Roofing & Construction can show you the new Velux Skylights and Roof Window 10-year no leak warranty skylight system.  

Matlock Roofing & Construction has replaced hundreds of skylights over the years and the new Velux skylights and sun tunnels can make a great addition to your home. get the benefits of natural lighting along with free light into some of the rooms you need it in the most like your laundry room or a closet. 

Matlock Roofing & Construction has the below video to show you how we replace old leaky skylights in the Hattiesburg, Purvis, Petal and Sumrall areas of Mississippi. This is a step by step YouTube video showing exactly how Matlock Roofing & Construction will install your skylight system by Velux.

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Skylight & Roof Window: Homeowner Benefits 

Just a few reasons to replace your older skylights with the new 10-year no leak Velux skylights of course starts with natural sunlight. Having extra natural sunlight reduces your reliance on artificial lighting which can also lower your power bills. There are also studies that show people who work in rooms with natural lighting get more sleep at night, as well as better sleep. Natural light has different balance of colors compared to most artificial light sources which can affect sleep and circadian rhythms. 

Velux also has skylights that can be opened by remote control, giving convenience to the homeowner and allowing fresh air into your home. Good ventilation in your home can reduce mold and mildew growth as well as help with getting rid of bad odors. This would be a very convenient and smart choice in a bathroom.

The Velux Skylights and Roof Windows Advantage

There are some people that worry about adding skylights to their home, thinking it could increase noise, drafts and even unwanted light into rooms at times. Choosing a Velux Skylight and having it professionally installed by Matlock Roofing & Construction will ensure your home remains quiet and dark when you want it. The Velux Skylight systems are 40% quieter than other skylights on the market, Velux skylight systems also have blackout blinds. Even in the middle of the day when you have the blackout blinds closed, your room will remain completely dark. 

Velux Skylights and roof windows have been the leader in the skylight industry for more than 60 years. With a commitment to the future Velux has invested heavily and energy efficient technologies, designs and innovations with a range of skylights and accessories that can suit any home as well as any budget.  

Velux even has a range of solar power fresh air skylights that are a smart choice for any homeowner. The panel on the Velux solar fresh air skylight will recharge batteries that will automatically close the skylight if any rain comes while you are away. The fresh air Velux skylight is also made with noise insulating glazing which will reduce outside noise up to 25% more than standard double pane glass and 50% more than plastic skylights that were the normal skylights used in the past. The neat glass coating which Velux skylights uses is resistant to dirt smudges and will leave your skylights looking cleaner so every time you look through them you will be amazed at the clarity.

Velux Skylights are also designed with safe safety and durability in mind and well meet and exceed all Hattiesburg Mississippi building codes. Velux skylights also come with their own flashing kits and in some cases the Velux skylights have the flashing kits built into the skylight itself. If you use the Velux skylight system with the Velux flashing kit you are eligible for a 10-year no leak guarantee from Velux Skylights and Roof Windows. 

Velux skylight that Matlock Roofing & Construction can install for you
installed-venetian-midnight-blue skylight

Skylights and Roof Windows Must Have Accessories 

Installing the Velux skylight and roof window system is certainly a smart choice however don’t forget some of the accessories that will make your investment more convenient and perform better. The Velux blinds to screen sunlight will keep your room shaded when you want to take a nap and will let in all of the natural light you want during the day. 

The solar power or manual blinds or a smart choice to save on your electric bill. The solar power fresh air skylight system by Velux has a concealed battery power control system. The solar power fresh air skylight is also the model that has the built-in rain sensor in case you forget to close your skylights when you leave your home.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

How often do skylights need to be replaced in the average Hattiesburg MS home? 

In Hattiesburg, Petal, Purvis and Sumrall skylights take a beating from the weather. most skylights will last 10 to 15 years maybe longer. The new Velux skylight and roof windows system will last much longer. 

I have a standard 2X2 skylight on my Hattiesburg home, what are the different types of skylights that will fit my home? 

Depending on the location of your skylights on your roof you have several options, the standard 2’ X 2’ Dome skylights are probably the most used skylights from the past. Velux makes several skylight options to replace the old standard 2’ X 2’ skylight. Call today and have a Matlock Roofing & Construction project manager come inspect your skylights and they can give you all of the options available. 

My skylights are leaking now, do skylights always leak?

No, skylights do not always leak but in the past, it was very standard to use a much cheaper brand and the cheaper brands from the past we’re very prone to leak. If you buy the Velux skylight and have Matlock Roofing & Construction install your skylight with the Velux flashing kit you can receive the 10-year no leak warranty and have true Peace of Mind from Matlock Roofing & Construction and Velux.

My Hattiesburg home has been hit several times by hail, can the Velux skylights withstand hail hits?

It is true Hattiesburg MS and the surrounding areas have hail and windstorms often. The Velux skylights and roof windows are impact resistant and do carry a warranty against hail damage and breakage. You will not have anything to worry about from hail in the Hattiesburg area with your new Velux skylights. 

Do roofers install skylights? 

Yes, your Hattiesburg roofer is very capable of installing your Velux skylight. Matlock Roofing & Construction has repaired and replaced many skylights Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. During a new roof installation is a great time to replace your old leaky skylights. 

How much do Velux Skylights and Roof windows cost in the Hattiesburg Mississippi market? 

The only way to get an accurate price for a new Velux skylight is to have a project manager from Matlock Roofing & Construction come to your home and do a full roof inspection and measure out your skylights and see exactly which options you would like to use to replace your old skylights. Then your project manager will be able to give you an accurate price.