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What is the Integrity Roof System®?

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The benefits of a single manufacturing source

When it comes to a roof replacement, many Hattiesburg homeowners do not realize the big number of factors to consider. It is not only about the cost and about the color of the shingles.

Moreover, many of them don’t seriously think to replace their whole roof system until it’s too late. In this sense, we advise you: don’t delay making a needed roof replacement.

What is the Integrity Roof System®?

The Whole Roof System 

Think about what happens when you use replacement parts from different brands in your car. It will not work properly. The same applies to your roof.

Roofing materials manufacturers engineer and test every component, so they complement one another. This way, you get the most from your whole roof system.

By choosing a high quality and complete brand roofing system like the Integrity Roof System, you’ll ensure to obtain:

  • Product quality and consistency from the manufacturer
  • Compliance with local building codes
  • Tested and true product-specific installation standards
  • Contractor familiarity with installation requirements
  • Unmatched product performance and warranty 

Manufacturing Consistency

A whole roof system is made up of the following elements:

  • Ventilation
  • Shingles
  • Flashing
  • Underlayment
  • Ice and Water Barriers
  • Drip Edge
  • Deck

Your shingles are your roof’s first line of defense. 

The design of today’s high-quality shingles and starter shingles includes improved impact and tear-off resistance. Also, they can boost your home’s curb appeal. Even some of them are eco-friendly and help to reduce energy costs.

But, shingles are as good as the underlayment they are on. So, Diamond Deck high-performance underlayment combines with your shingles to protect your roof deck.

Additionally, products like Winter Guard waterproof underlayment offer extra protection at eaves and valleys. 

Durable and functional ridge and eave vents blend in with the look of your roof while providing the required ventilation.

Likewise, other components like hip and ridge caps give your roof a seamless aesthetic. Moreover, they allow ridge vents to work correctly.

When installed as part of an Integrity Roof System, these products make up an effective protective shield for your home. Thus, it’s important to choose quality products from a manufacturer that stands behind their roofing system.

Installation Standards of Excellence

Using high-quality materials is not enough to get the best performance. A correct installation is also critical. 

Actually, most shingle companies have clauses that void their product warranties if an installation is not done to their standards.

The reason is that manufacturers test their products with varying installation methods. This way, they ensure that their published methods give you the most life from your shingles.

So, how do you know that your installation won’t be substandard?

To ensure that contractors know exactly what to do, top manufacturing companies offer their own installation and product training programs. 

For example, the global building products company CertainTeed offers the Master Shingle Applicator training programs. They provide this training to quality contractors like Matlock Roofing to install the Integrity Roof System.

Hence, top-quality companies like Matlock Roofing are SELECT Shingle Master™ Installers. Only 1% of roofers in the nation have this coveted distinction! Then, by hiring a roofing company trained by a manufacturer like us, you can rest assured.

Product Performance and Warranty

The yield of a significant investment like a new roof relies on the roofing product’s performance as a system. That’s why Matlock Roofing provides complementary, high-performance products in the Integrity Roof System.

Besides, we maximize our product knowledge through the Master Shingle Applicator training program. 

Additionally, Matlock Roofing offers homeowners the Sure Start PLUS program, a 50-year, non-prorated, transferrable warranty. 

That’s right — we guarantee your new roof, including labor, for 50 years!

Are you looking for a complete roof system with a lifetime warranty? 

Call Matlock Roofing today at 601-299-4048 in Purvis, Petal, Sumrall, or Hattiesburg, MS, so we can show you how the Integrity Roof System can help you get the most from your roof replacement.

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