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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

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Let Matlock Roofing & Construction help you with the top 7 reasons why your roof is leaking. A leaky roof is the root cause of most of the roofing problems in any Hattiesburg home. Mold damaged insulation, and rotted frames can quickly arise in properties with a leaking roof and cause a variety of health and safety issues. Even minor leaks have to be fixed immediately. They can spiral out of control fast and may even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

The worst part is that, for inexperienced homeowners, determining the exact source of water leaks can be tricky. Though you can obviously see the warning signs such as stains on the ceiling, locating the source of leaks can be challenging, making their repair even harder.

Experienced professionals start the process of detecting roof leaks by working backward from where the damage is visible. In general, water usually seeps through a damaged roofing system but drips down far away from the point of leakage.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

The Most Common Causes for Roof Leaks

In most cases, the age of the roof is a common culprit in leaking roofs. No matter if you have the most expensive roofing system installed on your home, it will degrade and become inefficient at protecting your home from water intrusion over time.

  1. Damaged Protrusions: Most of the roof leaks originate from the regular wear and tear of the roofing system, especially in the absence of proper maintenance. These damages usually show up around the protrusions including dormers, chimneys, and plumbing vents. Splits, cracks, and other damages can weaken the seals where the roof is connected to the various components. Due to compromised protection, water may seep through your roof and cause property damage.
  1. Damaged Roof Flashing: Flashing, usually a metal strip, is used to create a watertight seal at the joints of your roofing system. Ideally, flashing protects your roof from weather elements. However, when it wears out, it can allow water to enter your home through the seams. In some cases, tar is used to join the flashing that can melt in direct sunlight. This can expose the metal seam cracks to weather hazards.
  1. Chimney Cracks: A fireplace is a great feature to have in any home. However, if the flashing around the chimneys gets deteriorated, your wonderful fireplace will become your biggest headache in no time. In such cases, the joints between your roof and chimneys can chip away, increasing the chances of water leaks in heavy rains. A leaking vent doesn’t allow the moisture to leave your home properly that can lead to roof leaks and water damage. On the other hand, damaged boots provide an easy entry point for the water to enter your home.
  1. Worn Out Vents and Plumbing: Vents and plumbing protruding from your roof are enclosed in metal or plastic boots that provide watertight seals to prevent water intrusion. However, these protective boots have a limited lifespan. While rubber boots can tear or rot over time, metal ones can develop rust or other metal related issues.
  1. Leaking Dormers: Apart from vents and plumbing, your dormer walls are among the most leak-prone areas in your roof. Caulking in these areas can degrade, fall off or crack over time. The flashing at the connecting points can also wear down and develop cracks. With openings and cracks surrounding the dormers, water can cross the flashing barrier and enter your home.
  1. Leaks Resulting From Roofing Damage: Roof leaks can happen due to a several reasons. Besides protrusions and deteriorated flashing, a poorly maintained roof can also result in roof leaks. Therefore, make sure that to perform regular maintenance of your roof at least twice a year. This cost-effective step can help you prevent expensive roof repairs or replacements in the future.
  1. Missing or Broken Shingles: These types of roof leaks are pretty easy to detect. All you need to do is examine your roof carefully to know if there are any missing shingles responsible for your roof leaks. Heavy storms and strong winds can damage your roofing shingles that can result in roof leaks during extreme weather conditions.

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